World Skate Games 2022, Oct 24 - Nov 13

[January 22nd, 2022 by Jani Soderhall]

Hello everybody in the slalom skateboard community,

As we have already announced we are about to create a new international work group for slalom under World Skate (WSK). With slalom racing as one of the official disciplines of WSK, we're now preparing for our participation at the World Skate Games (WSG) in Argentina 2022. WSG is a multi-sport, multi-discipline event organized by WSK every second year. At WSG 2022 there will be Vert, Downhill and Slalom for skateboarding, while Street and Park will have their own separate events. The dates for WSG 2022 are Oct 24 - Nov 13 and will be hosted by the cities of Buenos Aires and San Juan.

The qualification for these Skate Games is more formal than what we are used to in the slalom community.
And with a new year starting we want to present how it's going to work. National associations being the base of World Skate are a natural part of the Qualification, so we have integrated possibilities for them to determine who should represent each country.

There will be two classes: Men and Women, and no age classes.
There will be three ways to qualify for these classes:
a) The top 20 racers (20 men, 20 women) from the current world ranking.
b) Each national association can select and register 3 men and 3 women, in addition to the top 20.
c) Persons in countries with no national association can also participate.

The pandemic situation in the world is still in play, so it's important that you already start to plan for national qualifications to determine the top three men and women in your country. Here's what is needed in terms of preparation:

- Contact your national association for skateboarding.
- Prepare them for what is coming and your national slalom scene.
- Discuss ideas with them about how to make the rider selections (three men and three women) to represent in the 2022 WSK Games
- Remember that the registration for the games are done through the national association.
- To be selected you will probably need to be a member of the national association, so check how membership works locally (in your club and whether it's affiliated with your national skateboard federation).

For the top 20 on the world rankings, even though pre-qualified, they also need to register individually, to confirm their participation. The deadline has not yet been decided but we expect it to be two months prior to the WSG, so end of August or early September. For those of you who do not have any national association connected to World Skate contact ISSA and we'll help you check what options are available and help you register.

Finally to clarify the roles of the different organizations and joint efforts, here's an overview:

WSK (World Skate)
Although initially created in roller skating in 1924, it is now the official international sport organization for rollerskating, skateboarding and even kickbikes. It was needed to get skateboarding into the Olympic family and be part of the Olympic games in Tokyo 2021. Since then it has been decided to keep skateboarding in the Olympic Games for both Paris 2024 and LA 2028. Although we'd love to see slalom racing to one day be part of the Olympic Games, the road is still long ahead.

WSG (World Skate Games)
World Skate Games is like an Olympic Games every second year for all sports and disciplines in WSK (World Skate). For 2022 skateboarding will have the Vert, Downhill and Slalom disciplines represented at the Games.
Street and Park skateboarding is not attending WSK. They are fully occupied with the Olympics and qualifiers for the Olympics.

ISSA (International Slalom Skateboard Association)
Has been the international skateboard slalom association for decades. It has held together the slalom skateboard scene with organizing the yearly slalom events and world rankings. With its forum, website and social media it has kept the slalom scene rolling over the years. We are now joining forces with WSK so that all ISSA activities can migrate over to become WSK activities.

WSK Slalom Skateboarding Work Group
A slalom work group comprised of 3 people from WSK and the 7 members of our current ISSA BOD. This is the group who will speak for international slalom skateboarding into the future. The formalities of this group are being finalized and will be officially announced soon by WSK and ISSA.

World Championships
In the years when WSG is held that event is considered the World Championships for all disciplines participating. The other years "in-between" we'll hold separate Worlds for slalom racing, starting in 2023. They will eventually be sanctioned by World Skate but until those formalities are in place, we'll sanction Worlds through the ISSA as we have done in the past.

Continental Championships
There are plans for continental championships organized through World Skate, but it's unclear when and how they will be organized. The continents would be like for the Olympics: Americas (North and South america), Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. In the mean time we will have, as before, North American Championships, European Championships and then nationals in Japan, Australia and Brazil.

Jani Söderhäll
ISSA President 2022

Jani Söderhäll - ISSA President:
Maria Carrasco - ISSA Vice President, North American Status Marshal:
Joe McLaren - ISSA Secretary:
Hans Koraeus - ISSA World Ranking Supervisor:
Michal Subrt - ISSA European Status Marshal:
Bruno Oliveira - ISSA BOD member, South American Status Marshal:
Janis Kuzmins - ISSA BOD member:

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BOD election for 2022

[December 15th, 2021 by Jani Soderhall]

With no additional nominees it is my pleasure to announce that Hans "Corky" Koraeus, Michal Subrt and Joe McLaren have been reelected for another two term. The BOD has also decided that positions within the BOD will be unchanged for 2022. Thank you for you confidence in steering the ISSA towards our new goals in 2022 with the union of ISSA and World Skate, the inclusion of slalom racing in the World Skate Games (WSG) in Argentina late October, early November 2022!

WSG is recognized as the World Championships every second year (2022, 2024, etc) which will be a joint event with downhill and vert skating as well as a number of roller skate disciplines. The two Olympic skateboarding events, park and street, are not participating and will instead hold their own series and World Championships.

Nominations for election of BOD members for 2022

[November 8th, 2021 by Jani Soderhall]

The ISSA Board of Directors (BOD) has 7 elected members. Each member serves for a period of two years. Three members are elected at the end of uneven years, and four are elected at the end of even years.

This is the current ISSA Board of Directors (BOD) 2021:

Jani Söderhäll (SWE) - President
Maria Carrasco (USA) - Vice President, North America Status Marshal
Hans "Corky" Koraeus (SWE) - Ranking Supervisor
Michal Subrt (CZE) - European Status Marshal
Joe McLaren (USA) - Secretary
Janis Kuzmins (LAT) - BOD member
Bruno Silva De Oliveira - Brazilian Status Marshal

The following BOD members are nearing the end of their term 2020-2021:

Hans "Corky" Koraeus (SWE) - Ranking Supervisor
Michal Subrt (CZE) - European Status Marshal
Joe McLaren (USA) - Secretary

All three have volunteered to continue for another period of 2 years, but in order to maintain the democratic process determined by our Constitution, we are opening for nominations of other potential candidates to join the BOD.

The nomination period is now open for two weeks until Nov 22, noon (Central European Time).

If you would like to nominate someone please do so here:

World Skate Games 2022

[November 8th, 2021 by Jani Soderhall]

World Skate has now announced that these three skateboard disciplines will be part of World Skate Games 2022: Vert, Slalom, and Downhill.
The games will be held in Argentina at two different locations: Buenos Aires and San Juan.
The dates are Oct 24 - Nov 13, 2022.

ISSA & World Skate collaboration

[November 8th, 2021 by Jani Soderhall]

Hello everyone,

We have been working hard behind the scenes and have some very exciting news to share – the ISSA has joined forces with World Skate to be the governing body for slalom skateboarding.
- World Skate - Background
-WSK is the result of a merger, in 2016, between the International Roller Skating and International Skateboard Organizations, a process accelerated by the need to govern skateboarding in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
-Within WSK skateboarding is considered one discipline (whereas roller skaters have several disciplines). Each discipline has a Technical Commission. The WSK Skateboarding Technical commission handles the disciplines Street, Park and Vert.
-In 2019 the International Downhill Federation joined forces with WSK to create a Working Group for Downhill racing under the Skateboarding Technical Commission. Their first mission was to plan and organize downhill racing at the Barcelona World Roller Games.
-Now it is time to include yet another skateboard discipline: Slalom Skateboarding. And yet another Working Group under the Skateboarding Technical Commission will be created for Slalom.
-The current ISSA Board of Directors will take the major part of the new World Skate Slalom Skateboarding Working Group and represent slalom skateboarding worldwide.
The other very exciting news as a part of this merger of the ISSA and World Skate is the inclusion of slalom skateboarding in the World Skate Games which we will first showcase slalom in the 2022 World Skate Games in Buenos Aires Argentina (date TBD).

- About World Skate Games
-World Skate organizes the bi-annual World Skate Games, comprising all roller sport disciplines governed by World Skate.
-The World Skate Games are a multi-roller-sport event that serves as the World Championship of eleven disciplines of the roller sports represented by World Skate. The skateboarding disciplines for 2022 WSG's will include Vert, Downhill, and Slalom.
-The World Skate Games is intended to show the best talent from all countries and skaters will represent their National Federation. The qualifying process for slalom skateboarding is currently being finalized and will be communicated in the near future.
The addition of slalom skateboarding in both World Skate and World skate games is a big step forward for the future and growth of slalom skateboarding. We understand that you, the slalom skateboarding community, probably have questions on this merger and we welcome any questions but please understand that not everything has been fully finalized and there are a lot of moving parts so we may not have all the answers at this time.
With best regards,

Joe McLaren
(on behalf of the ISSA Board of Directors)

Jani Söderhäll - ISSA President:
Maria Carrasco - ISSA Vice President, North American Status Marshal:
Joe McLaren - ISSA Secretary:
Hans Koraeus - ISSA World Ranking Supervisor:
Michal Subrt - ISSA European Status Marshal:
Bruno Oliveira - ISSA BOD member, South American Status Marshal:
Janis Kuzmins - ISSA BOD member:

Anatoly Matsukevich, 1957 - 2021 [RIP]

[October 20th, 2021 by Jani Soderhall]

It is with profound sadness we've learned of the recent passing of Anatoly Matsukevich, Russian slalomer of Saint Petersburg, at the age of 64.

For those of you who may not have met or known Anatoly, he was THE number 1 Russian slalom, and on the local scene, he was pretty much unbeatable for a good number of years. Sharing his love for the sport across the former states of the Soviet union, the popularity of slalom racing spread, and eventually, younger talents in Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, and Lithuania started reaching his skill level and occasionally leaving him a millisecond behind. For those who achieved that accomplishment, those moments are well remembered. And it didn't happen many times, in fact, they could certainly be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Who would have thought that such an American sport would, or even could, gain any popularity in the Soviet union in the 1980s? Somewhat surprisingly it did, even behind the old iron curtain. With no possibility of importing skateboards, millions of completes were made locally and these boards had amazing steering abilities, with high, unstable trucks with soft bushings.

These decks, from brands such as Rula, gave the locals an edge when it came to extremely tight slalom courses, and among the classic ones are 100 cones set 1 meter apart (just over three feet), probably nobody ever beat Anatoly in that discipline. The English were famous for tight courses, but in Saint Petersburg, Anatoly was pushing for ever more complex courses. And why put the cones in a line, when you can place cones put pretty much anywhere. The figure slalom discipline was invented, with cones placed at around 1 m apart, often in a somewhat symmetrical pattern. Anatoly excelled once again, with turns and elegant pirouettes unimaginable on any other type of skateboard.

When the first ISSA World Ranking was published in 1994 Anatoly became our first ever #1 ranked slalom racer. His perseverance and passion was officially recognized!

Other passions of Anatoly were windsurfing and snowboarding and he was teaching also in those sports. Active in snowboarding, Anatoly was handpicked to participate in the volunteer force at the 2014 Sotchi Winter Olympics where he was working the slopes preparing for the world elite in yet another slalom discipline.

With the revival of slalom racing in the 2000s Anatoly was once again back on the racing scene, and sometimes travelled to international events including several World Championships and European Championships. Although he would no longer be able to claim any victories his motivation and passion was always present.

Anatoly leaves behind his wife Nina, daughter Dina and son Slavik.
Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

Legends never die!
Rest in peace, dear Anatoly.

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Denis Kozhin, 1975 - 2021 [RIP]

[July 16th, 2021 by Jani Soderhall]

The sad news has just arrived that Denis Kozhin recently passed away and his funeral was held on July 16, 2021.
Denis was an active slalomracer in the early 90's but later focused more on other sports such as water skiing and snowboarding. Denis returned to slalomracing in 2017 and raced in Madrid, Policka, Latvia as well as in several races in Russia during a period of 3 years.

During the World record attempt at 100 cones in 1995, Denis was second only to Luca Giammarco with a time of 20.50+two cones so 20.70 seconds and a second ahead of the rest of the riders. It would then take more than 10 years for anyone to come close, or beat those times.

Our deepest sympathies to his closest family.

Rider profile here with photos:
Ranking profile with results here:

Båstad 2021 cancelled - Båstad 2022 announced!

[July 9th, 2021 by Jani Soderhall]

Message from the organizers:
We have long believed that we will be able to carry out the event that was originally meant to be the World Championships, but the Covid-19 situation in the world still makes it impossible for most riders to travel freely. We have now made the difficult decision to move the competition to August 5-7, 2022. Take care, and see you in Båstad 2022!
Have a nice summer wishes Mika, Viking, Viktor & Peter.

Båstad Skate Games

[June 4th, 2021 by Jani Soderhall]

Let's race!

Mikael Hadestrand, Peter Menke, and Jonas Wikström along with the city of Båstad on the west coast of Sweden are preparing an event for us all August 6-8 that surely merits your attention although it can no longer merit a true World Championships title.

Due to COVID no events in 2020 or 2021 will have the usual status assignments (Major, Main, Prime ...) instead we're doing national rankings 2021 from the events that are held. Our logic is that people can't really travel freely thus we cannot encourage international participation and potentially put people at risk of this pandemic. If you feel safe (vaccinated, taking appropriate precautions, ...), then go out and skate, travel to races, and get back to the pleasure of slalom racing!

Registration is now open at:

See you in Båstad!

ISSA 25-cone World Series 2021/2022 #1

[June 3rd, 2021 by Hans Koraeus]

First weekend session of the second season of ISSA 25-cone World Series!

Note! Organizers of local spot events need to pre-register. Check deadline!

25-cone session weekend.
Saturday-Monday, Jun 19-21.

It is still hard to hold regular international slalom events. But with the 25-cone slalom discipline there is a way around this. It is the next best thing we can do for the moment to gather everybody and compete virtually. We compete together the same weekend, running the same course but on different places around the world.

1. Before event - Sub spot organizers:
Connect your local race to the "ISSA 25-cone World Series".
Note for organizers! Be aware of registration deadline!

2. Event weekend:
Racing the standardized 25-cone event and slalom course format at your local flat spot according to the common rules.

Note! New event format! See new rules!

3. Register times and cones for all racers.
Note for organizers! Be aware of on-line result registration deadline. Time deadline is according to the time zone of each spot.
Top 3 results: Monday 23:55.
Complete results: Tuesday 23:55.

4. After event:
Tuesday evening, after last official event result registration, all racer results from around the world should be complete.

Rules, Results, Pictures and more info on the homepages.
Event homepage #1 - Event leaderboard #1

This year we're suggesting two courses, the first one being the original (unchanged) course set up first started by the NCDSA forum 20 years ago. The second course is a special slalom alternative that is challenging and requires additional skills, yet is easy to set up starting from the regular 25 cone course. Here's a description of how you set it up:

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