Vintage Slalom Pro Trucks

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Peter Carlsson
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Vintage Slalom Pro Trucks

Post by Peter Carlsson » Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:52 pm

Are these of any interest? They are genuin Slalom Pro Trucks from late 70ies.
I know for a fact that they are that old because I used to manage a small skate shop 37 years ago and these are "left-overs".
The condition of them are therefore brand new. The rubbers are little bit hard but what can you expect after almost 40 years on the shelf?
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Eric Brammer
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Re: Vintage Slalom Pro Trucks

Post by Eric Brammer » Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:47 am

Wow, I had a pair of those back in '77, used them up through 1980 or so. Nice trucks, turny when matched with ACS or Tracker TK rubber bushings. While the kingpin/jam-nut set-up required an elephant wrench, the baseplate had holes that fit 3 different popular patterns.I just hated carrying that wrench with me, as it always ripped my back pocket[s] open, even without a wipeout.
If I had money, I'd scoop these up for my Bahne fiberglass board, which has the Chicago 3-hole pattern drilled in it.
I hope someone puts them to good use!
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