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Holger Kindler
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Post by Holger Kindler » Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:53 pm

proudly presented:

Members of Team KALIBER

<img src=" ... fa1913.jpg" width="118" height="133" alt="">

Markus Moehlmann
father of KALIBER - loves his beers, loves his boards, loves his Team

<img src=" ... 650c22.jpg" alt="">

Max Moehlmann
he could beat all of you- if he liked to

<img src=" ... 6a0817.jpg" alt="">

Holger Kindler
"skated great last year, skated crap this year" well analyzed Sam.

<img src=" ... c9d96c.jpg" alt="">

Hans Gothberg, Mika Haderstrand, Viking + Victor Haderstrand-
nothing to add to this shot!!!

also in KALIBER:
everyone named Moehlmann, and everyone who´s friend with us!

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