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Date Racer registrations Reg status
2018-Dec-30Plain Testing event, Stockholm (SWE)
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Date Upcoming events Register
2018-Aug-25BasicN. America CAN 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #3, Quebec Register
2018-Oct-06BasicN. America CAN 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #4, Quebec Register
2018-Sep-01Prime CandidateN. America USA 2018 Gold Rush Classic, Nevada City (CA) Register
2018-Sep-16BasicN. America USA SoCal Series #2, San Diego (CA) Register
2018-Sep-22MainN. America USA West Coast Championships, Salem (OR) Register
2018-Oct-07PrimeN. America USA SoCal Series #3, San Diego (CA) Register
2018-Oct-27MainN. America USA Hobby Park Slalom 5, Winston-Salem (NC) Register
2018-Aug-10MajorEurope CZE World Championships Policka 2018 Register
2018-Sep-01BasicEurope CZE FYB Bloody Bones - Czech serie, Havlickuv Brod Register
2018-Oct-06BasicEurope CZE FYB Prague Open - Czech series part 4 Register
2018-Sep-22Main CandidateEurope ESP Madrid Slalom, Madrid - Pozuelo de Alcar Register
2018-Oct-13BasicEurope GBR Hogtoberfest 2018, London Register
2018-Aug-18Prime CandidateEurope GER RBU EineStadt Slalom Race, Mönchengladbach-Rheydt Register
2018-Sep-08PrimeEurope RUS Moscow City Race #9 Register
2018-Aug-11PlainEurope SWE Coyote Banked Slalom, Stockholm Register
2018-Aug-22MainEurope SWE World Champions Super Finals, Linköping Register
2018-Aug-24MainEurope SWE Banked Slalom World Champion, Stockholm Register

Hans Göthberg

Nickname Rank Age 55 Home Sweden Base Rank Class PRO Rank Race Id 590 Number of Races 75 Season Ranking Pro - 2018 (Season)Place: 88 Diff: -24
Master (45-) - 2018 [Worldranking]Place: 26 Diff: +44
4-Year Ranking Pro - 2018 [Worldranking]Place: 84 Diff: -5
Master (45-) - 2018 (4-year)Place: 37 Diff: +9