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Date Racer registrations Reg status
2018-May-26Main Slalom St. Louis (USA, MO)Registered
2018-Sep-01Prime Candidate 2018 Gold Rush Classic, Nevada City (USA, CA)Registered
2018-Jun-02Major US Nationals, Lafayette (USA, CO)Registered

Date Upcoming events Register
2018-Jun-02BasicN. America CAN 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #1, Quebec Register
2018-Jul-14BasicN. America CAN 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #2, Quebec Register
2018-Jul-21Main CandidateN. America CAN Cornwall Classic 3/Canadian Ch, Cornwall, Ontario Register
2018-Aug-25BasicN. America CAN 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #3, Quebec Register
2018-Oct-06BasicN. America CAN 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #4, Quebec Register
2018-May-20BasicN. America USA SoCal Series #1, San Diego (CA) Register
2018-Sep-16BasicN. America USA SoCal Series #2, San Diego (CA) Register
2018-Sep-22MainN. America USA West Coast Championships, Salem (OR) Register
2018-Oct-07Prime CandidateN. America USA SoCal Series #3, San Diego (CA) Register
2018-Oct-27MainN. America USA Hobby Park Slalom 5, Winston-Salem (NC) Register
2018-May-19BasicEurope CZE FYB Black Hunting - Czech seri, Hradec Králové Register
2018-Jun-02Prime CandidateEurope CZE Pilsen Register
2018-Jun-28BasicEurope CZE FYB Independent - Czech series, Prachatice Register
2018-Jun-30Main CandidateEurope CZE Pilsen II Register
2018-Aug-03World CandidateEurope CZE World Championships 2018, Brno Register
2018-Aug-11Prime CandidateEurope CZE Skate n Roll Policka 2018 Register
2018-Sep-01BasicEurope CZE FYB Bloody Bones - Czech serie, Havlickuv Brod Register
2018-Oct-06BasicEurope CZE FYB Prague Open - Czech series part 4 Register
2018-Sep-22Main CandidateEurope ESP Madrid Slalom, Madrid - Pozuelo de Alcar Register
2018-Apr-29BasicEurope FRA Pirate Slalom du Sud 2018, Avignon Register
2018-Jun-09Main CandidateEurope FRA Désaxé Worldride #11, Grenoble Register
2018-Jul-14BasicEurope GBR Summer Swine Stomp 2018, London Register
2018-Oct-13BasicEurope GBR Hogtoberfest 2018, London Register
2018-Jul-07Main CandidateEurope GER German Open - Stuttgart Register
2018-Jun-02BasicEurope RUS Moscow City Race #8 Register
2018-Jun-23BasicEurope RUS Slalom Petersburg, St. Petersburg Register
2018-Jun-23BasicEurope RUS White Night Race, St. Petersburg Register
2018-Sep-15Prime CandidateEurope RUS Moscow City Race #9 Register
2018-Jul-03BasicEurope SWE Swedish Championships, Helsingborg Register
2018-Aug-22Main CandidateEurope SWE World Champions Super Finals, Linköping Register
2018-Aug-24Main CandidateEurope SWE Banked Slalom World Champion, Stockholm Register
2018-Dec-30PlainEurope SWE Testing event, Stockholm Register

Joseph Kyle Smith

Nickname Rank Age <Not registered> Home USA Base Rank Class PRO Rank Race Id 2153 Number of Races 67 Season Ranking Pro - 2018 (Season)Place: 17 Diff: +68
4-Year Ranking Pro - 2018 [Worldranking]Place: 18 Diff: +5