World Champions Super Finals

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Hotel deal for Linkoping
For the competition in Linköping, The Super Final, we have a deal with Hotel Scandic City. Here we will have the after party and awards ceremony. Of course there are other accommodation options, but this is what the competition offers. Ordinary price for a room is 1,600: - Swedish kronor now the cost is the cost 850: - single room and 950: - double room.
linkopingcity@scandichotels.com or +46-134955410 and write or say code kod Skatebordslalom.

Are you top 12 on the list below you stay in double room for free.

ISSA PRO Limitation ranking 2017
# PRO lim_id Name
1 PRO A1-1 Joe McLaren (USA)
2 PRO A1-2 Christopher Dupont (FRA)
3 PRO A1-2 Janis Kuzmins (LAT)
4 PRO A1-3 Michel Dupont (FRA)
5 PRO A1-3 Viking Hadestrand (SWE)
6 PRO A1-4 Gustavs Gailitis (LAT)
7 PRO B1-5 Jonathan Harms (USA)
8 PRO B1-6 Vincent Tanguy (FRA)
9 PRO B1-6 Richy Carrasco (USA)
10 PRO B1-7 Robert Thiele (GER)
11 PRO B1-7 Mikael Hadestrand (SWE)
12 PRO B1-8 Stas Myronenko (UKR)
Text: Hans Koraeus
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