World Champions Super Finals

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The ISSA World Champions Super Finals 2018 will be held in Linköping, Sweden.

August 22 Wednesday (Open qualification) (Linköping)
August 23 Thursday (finals GS and Special) (Linköping)
August 24 Friday (rainday) + Straight and Banked Slalom (Stockholm)

This is a PRO event gathering the best slalom racers in the world.
12 PRO racers are pre qualified for the GS and Special final day on Thursday.
Nevertheless, if you are a non qualified PRO, amateur, master, woman or junior you will have a chance to participate too for the Thursday GS and Special discipline finals. This is done through a pre-qualifying race on Wednesday.

There will be an attractive prize purse in this high profile televised race. Niklas Hyland is leading the organization of this race which is held in the city center as part of the city anniversary celebrations.

For more event info see the forum link for this event.

Text: Patric Duletzki
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