Slalom World Ranking History01.Jan.2011

New ideas of returning to the site. To continue the development and the ideas from before. And to get the World Ranking up and running again as it is important for the motivation of the whole international slalom scene.

Unfortunatly 2010 continued with the same ideas about a new world ranking proposal. Yet another year with no monthly updates for the slalom community. And yet again to not destroy the history of our rankings and slalom results the slalom community came to the rescue.

Thanks again everybody who helped out.

- World Ranking Administrator: Hans Koraeus
- Ranking Angel coordinator: Jani Söderhäll
A special word for Jani. If it was not for him starting up the process and getting all people together we would most likley have been without a world ranking for 2010.
And that would have been a shame.
- Ranking Angels
Petr Janousek
Ricardo Damborenea
Gustavs Gailitis
Guillaume StCriq
Josef Stefka
Rick Floyd
Flavio Badenas
SJ Kalliokoski
Jean Sebastien Dennebouy
Sam Gordon
Charles Thubert
Ramon Königshausen
Ian Cranfield
Miguel Marco
Maria Carrasco
Franco DiGiorgio
Dan Gesmer
Viking Hadestrand
Peter Metzger

Unfortunatly new ideas about world ranking put the managment of the on hold. No more monthly updates and the year passed by. To not destroy the slalom archive of rankings and slalom results that had started to build up many helped out at the end of the year to save the situation.

A big Thank You to all persons who made a big effort in getting in the event results for the 2009 World Ranking. And also for other help and motivation.

- World Ranking Administrator: Hans Koraeus
- PHP programmer: Timo Elverkemper
- Ranking Angels
Rick Floyd, USA
Silvio Endrizzi, Italy
Josef Stefka, Czeck Republic
Gustavs Gailitis, Latvia
Ricardo Damborenea, Spain
Jani Söderhäll, Sweden
Guillaume Saint-Criq, France
Jean-Sebastien Dennebouy, France
Marcus Seyffarth, Sweden
Maria Carrasco, USA
Tom Mangelsdorf, USA
Jonathan Harms, USA
Steve Pederson, USA
Joe Iacovelli, USA
Gary Fluitt, USA

A whole new ranking site came alive in 2008. A lot of work went down to try and polish the basic pieces of the ranking ideas. The site was re-coded from scratch with the help of our new php programmer. The idea was to give everybody a hint of the potential that this site could have for the slalom community. It was a lot of work and to make it fly we needed the support of ISSA and the whole slalom community.

- World Ranking Administrator: Hans Koraeus
- PHP programmer: Timo Elverkemper

The years went by and the yearly rankings kept on coming with monthly updates during the season. The idea of getting the world ranking site to be the face of the whole international slalom skateboard scene emerged. A site that showed the things of main interest to the racers and possible external viewers.

We started to lose speed on the development and decided at the end of 2007 to move the whole site onto the webserver of ISSA (the International Slalom Skateboard Association). The idea of the move was also because it seemed logical that ISSA took control of all the history of rankings and results that started to grow. And like that put the world ranking in the hands of the slalom community.

- World Ranking Administrator: Hans Koraeus
- PHP programmer: Daniel Poweleit

The site was opened in 2004. The idea was to have a specific site with easy overview of all information about the ranking and all the yearly events.

We could now finally start building up a history archive of all our event results. And for all the yearly world rankings.

- World Ranking Administrator: Hans Koraeus
- PHP programmer: Daniel Poweleit

2003 became a test year for a new World Ranking proposal. It was published on It was a try to get the ball rolling. An unofficial ranking was also calculated and published on the site and in the 2004 #24 magazine Slalom!. Comments and discussion followed concerning the initial ranking lists and rule proposals. From those discussions, other input and experience from running it during 2 years had now resulted in new updated rules. Rule changes before a new season is of course nothing strange. It is normal and a way to adapt to the evolving international slalom scene and experience from the past season.

- World Ranking Administrator: Hans Koraeus

The Americans gave slalom skateboarding a rebirth in the early 2000’s and the Europeans and many other regions followed. It was no idea wasting time. The thoughts of trying to wake up the old ISSA World Ranking and giving it a new chance was there from the start.

With the world slalom scene looking a little bit different than that in the beginning of the 1990’s a new approach was needed. Several regional rankings had already been done. There was one for the Californian FCR series. The Swiss had some rankings. Stockholm had a season ranking from their weekly races. Others where planning more international rankings. None had yet succeeded.

When ISSA (the International Skateboard Slalom Association) started a World Ranking in the beginning of the 1990’s it may very well have been the first. It was put to sleep in 1995 because of the halting European/World skateboard slalom scene. Even though it was not a long lasting show it still was the beginning of a success.

- World Ranking Administrator: Hans Koraeus

The 1980's only had the true slalom fans skating. And it was mostly Europeans. There where not enough slalomers outside Europe to have any interest of starting a World Ranking for slalom.

What we know there where no World Rankings in slalom in the big 1970's skateboard boom.

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