DQ points17.Jan.2005

There is a DQ point in the system that is depending on the competition status and discipline class. This is the lowest point you can get. The idea with giving points for a DQ is to make sure it is better to travel to a competition than staying at home even in the worst scenario. You can see it as a minimal point for going to a competition. It is for the effort of traveling, entering and running the race. The DQ point is not given if you do not race. In the World Rankings maximum 2 DQ points can be counted into your best yearly points.

DQ point table.

DQ is half the point of a 32:nd place or a quarter of a point of a first place. From 32:nd place the points decrease with 1 point per place. This gives…
32 Pro Major = 400p, DQ = 200p (which equals place 232)
32 Pro Main = 250p, DQ = 125p (which equals place 157)
32 Pro Prime = 166p, DQ = 83p (which equals place 115)

32 Am Major = 250, DQ = 125p (which equals place 157)
32 Am Main = 165, DQ = 83p (which equals place 115)
32 Am Prime = 100, DQ = 50p (which equals place 82)

The DQ point might seem high for just doing a DQ but remember people will double it (with 32 racers) just by running through the course however slow they go. If there are fewer than 32 racers you gain even more and if more you gain a little less. You will always loose big time doing a DQ but you might still gain important points against those who didn’t even show up to compete. And remember that you can only count maximum 2 DQ points into your total yearly ranking point. So no use going to competitions just to collect DQ points.

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