Points are depending on placement, competition status and class you are competing in.

The points are then summarized into the different rankings. This rule calculation section has been done to explain in depth how the points are calculated for the current year. Previous years may have used other calculation rules.

There is a regulated system that gives points to every event discipline result registered. There should later on be a “Result Point Page” at where you can enter a discipline placement result together with the status of the competition and the discipline class that then would give you the corresponding World Ranking point. You can also use the Point Tables to do the same thing. You will find the point tables in this calculation section.

Also later on there will be the possibility to list all personal points for a racer. There you will be able to see what points you have got and from what discipline and competition they are. This will also explain to you the point that you have in the different rankings.

If you want to check if your point is correct then you can calculate it yourself by following the rules explained in the calculation topic.

   : ISSA World Ranking 2003-2020