Rank types08.Jan.2005

For the moment there are three types of rankings.

Season rankings (1Y)
4-year rankings (4Y)
World rankings

Having Season and 4 year rankings for all the rank classes gives us a lot of different rankings as seen in the table below. It became very complicated talking about World Rankings and presenting it to the media for example. This is where the third rank type comes in and makes it clearer and more comprehensible. Instead of the 28 season and 4-year rankings there are now only 5 Official World Rankings.

Here you see all the rank classes and types and all the resulting rankings.
The World Rankings are the 5 special icons standing out.

Season rankings (1Y)
A yearly ranking only counting results from one specific season. Season is Jan 1 to Dec 31.

4-year rankings (4Y)
Counting results from the last 4 seasons. The three best seasons are added together with the third best season only counting 50%. The worst season of the four last does not count. Having one year that does not count in the last 4-year period solves the greater part of the problems when getting a season spoiled because of injury or other private matters (studies, work, having a child, health issues a.s.o.).

World rankings
Here are the official World Ranking classes and their under laying ranking in parentheses.
- World ranking, Men Pro (4-Year ranking, Men Pro)
- World ranking, Men Am (Season ranking, Men Am)
- World ranking, Women (4-Year ranking, Women Total)
- World ranking, Boys (Season ranking, Men Juniors Total)
- World ranking, Girls (Season ranking, Women Juniors Total)

Each of the World Rankings point to one of the existing Season or 4-year rankings. This depending on what is the most appropriate for the specific class. For amateur and junior classes where many top racers are likely to move up a class during a 4 year period it makes more sense for the world ranking to use the season rankings. For the other classes where top racers are likely to stay for many years the more long-term 4-Year rankings seems to make more sense.

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