World Ranking Events04.Jan.2005

This is an overview for event organizers concerning the World Ranking.

1. Make sure the slalom competition counts in the WR
All slalom competition results that we can get our hands on will count. But to be sure it is not forgotten and to gain some WR points to the competition you should publish it as soon as possible with the basic information on one of these three web sites.
- Send e-mail to
  Look for the event calendar topic "Announcement: Contest Schedule …"
The basic information should contain Name of event, Date, Location and planned disciplines. Additional info could be event class (Pro/Am or Open), organizer, prize-money or even better a website address.

2. Getting a WR status for the event
An event counted into the world ranking will always have a World Ranking competition status (See Rules/Definitions/World Ranking Competition Statuses). These statuses should be set in advance. If you are aiming for the higher statuses like Major, Main or Prime you should lobby and work for your cause in good time in the World Ranking Forum (See also Rules/Definitions/Setting Region Competition Statuses). There are time limits and possible discussions to be aware of. The time limits are there because they may attract more skaters from the outside regions and requires more planning in advance for travel and taking time off.

If you don’t aim for any of the higher statuses you can directly give it the Basic status if the published date is at least 1 month ahead of the competition. If it is a sporadic competition and you don’t know the date far in advance (ie shorter than 1 month) the lowest Plain status will be used.

3. Slalom disciplines
For the results to be able to count the disciplines must correspond to any of the World Ranking standard disciplines (See Rules/Definitions/World Ranking Disciplines). To make the most of the event towards the World Ranking you should try to run at least two disciplines. This is because a racer may count two results into the WR per competition.

4. Classes
It is advisable to use the existing World Ranking Discipline Classes (See Rules/Definitions/Discipline classes) when separating disciplines into different classes.

The organizer has for the moment the right and possibility to freely choose rules, format and/or disciplines. The World Ranking has the right and possibility to deny or transform results whenever it may be necessary to conform to the World Ranking. It is advisable to use the old ISSA rules (See as guidelines.

5. Open or Pro/Am?
To have separate classes for Pro and Am competitors there should be at least 8 Pros attending. You cannot have a Pro class without having an Am class. And there should be at least 8 Ams in the Am class. If there are not enough skaters for making a Pro and Am class an Open class is preferred. Open is when Pro and Am skaters run at the same time in the same course.

If you run an Open class it could be translated into a Pro-Open for the world ranking if 8 or more Pros are attending. This means that even if Pro and Am racers run together in the same course they will be listed in two separate result lists. Pros with pro points and Ams with am points.

6. Sending in the results
When the competition is over please publish the results as quickly as possible to any of the websites listed in point 1 above. After the last day in the month a new ranking calculation will be done with results from the past competition results of the current year. So to be sure your competition results are counted into the latest ranking update right away they should be sent in at the latest the last day in the month.

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