Setting Region Competition Statuses04.Jan.2005

So who decides and sets the competitions statuses for each region? The idea is that people from the region itself decides what competition get what status. The organizers should speak for their cause and after discussions they should all come to a conclusion. If no decisions are made then the World Ranking Administrator will have to step in.

There are specific forums up and running for each World Ranking region. Here you can discuss competition statuses in public. See the World Ranking Forum.

Some regions may have a hard time selecting out competitions with high statuses for a season. Especially if there are more high-level competitions planned than there are statuses to give out. In these situations we should not forget that some of the World Rankings counts over a 4-year period. If some are missing out one year they will most likely have priority for the next year. That will not change the big picture of the total ranking. It may have some impact of the yearly rankings though.

Here are some points to take into account when selecting statuses.
 1. Prize money 
 2. Organisation 
    (experience, race responsable, No of persons in organization) 
 3. Location 
    (sourroundings, big city, countryside, wood, park, inside) 
 4. Accommodation (cheap, helping out with reservations) 
 5. Communication/media (TV, papers, magazines, web sites) 
 6. Racers 
    (last year level, coming from far away/long distance, other regions) 
 7. History (What edition?, First one?, General skate history) 
 8. Large audience (chance to get a big crowd?) 
 9. Race quality 
    (Surface, hill/flat, width, length, startramps, food/beverage, 
    shops, Discipline#, days#) 
10. Added animation/happenings 
    (Other events than slalom, demos, shows, parties) 
11. Dates 
    (It's good if Main/Major statuses are spread over the season 
    and that they don’t collide with other Main/Major statuses in 
    other regions.
Time advance rule
The whole idea with the current World Ranking status/point system is that racers will know the status of the competitions before they plan there travel. We can’t expect that all racers can enter all competitions during the season so it’s important to be able to plan in advance. The higher the status the more important it is for racers to know in advance. Since no such limits have been used before they are not very hard. Here are the minimum limits on how much in advance a competition with a certain status should be set and decided.
Major: 4 months
Main : 3 months
Prime: 2 months
Basic: 1 month
Plain: (no time advance needed)
The initial idea setting statuses (still not in work)
There should be 2 ranking marshals selected for each region. Their responsibility is to give out “Main” and “Prime” statuses to the competitions in their region depending on the open discussions. The West Atlantic Ranking marshals should decide which of the Mains should be a Major. The same goes for the East Atlantic Marshals.

Being a Ranking marshal is not a very hard or time-consuming responsibility. But it could be a very sensitive one. For example if there are 5 organizers wanting the Main status and there is only 3 to give out. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to have 2 Marshals per region. If they can’t handle it they can open up the decision to all the Marshals on the Atlantic side. If they can’t handle it then the World Ranking administrator is forced to solve it.

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