World Ranking Regions04.Jan.2005

The slalom world is divided into geographical regions. The number of the higher competition statuses (Major, Main and Prime) are limited and fixed into these regions. This is done to give some sort of skateboard world balance.

For the moment there are two major regions, a West Atlantic and an East Atlantic region. This is because the current two large slalom scenes are in USA and Europe. But each of these regions does not only include USA and Europe themselves but also other geographical regions where there is a skateboard slalom scene. The West Atlantic region is divided into the following sub regions: South America, USA West, USA East and Canada. The East Atlantic region has the following regions: Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia. Each of the West and East Atlantic regions has been given 1 Major, 6 Main and 7 Prime statuses. Actually you could see it as 7 pairs of Main and Prime statuses with one of the Mains to be transformed into a Major. These statuses have been fixed in number to each region a little bit depending on the current slalom scene. Each region has got a minimum of 1 Main and 1 Prime status to support the slalom scene outside of the large slalom communities in USA and Europe. The bigger slalom scenes in USA and Europe have got 5 respective 4 Main/Prime statuses each.

For the statuses Basic and Plain there are no limitations. Any region can have as many of these competitions/statuses as they need.

Note! One of the Main’s will transform into a Major. See example above.

Note! One of the Main’s will transform into a Major. See example above.

Some regions with a high level skateboard slalom scene may very well set up 10 competitions with a high level field of skaters. For those in the local region it is not a problem attending them all. But for out of region skaters it is. This is why each region has to filter out those who will have a higher status and extra points to fight about towards the World Ranking. That way out of region skaters can make a better judgement of their travel plans. In some regions going to a lower status competition may very well have just as high a level of field as a higher status competition. It's just that the World Ranking points to earn are lower.

The world regions and the number of fixed statuses for a specific region is likely to be discussed and changed over time depending on the development of the world slalom skateboard scene.

The current limit between the World Ranking regions USA West and USA East.

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