Sending in results03.Jan.2005

Even though sending in results in any format to "" is good it does make life a lot easier and less time consuming if they are sent in with a format we can import directly into the World Ranking database.

Send in the results as quickly as possible so that they can be registered in to the event and result database. And to possibly have a news topic for the event.

To be included into the monthly ranking then results have to be sent in at the latest on the last day in the month.

1. Event info
It is always good to have the event info presented the same way for all events. This info should be sent in as early as possible so that it can be added to the World Ranking event calendar.

When sending in the results it does not hurt to send them again with the results since there might have been changes from what was initially presented.

This is the format I use for now.

[Name of event]

Date/Time: [Date and time when event starts]
Status : (entered by World Rank administrator)
Entry : [Open or Pro/Am]
Format : [Event disciplines]
Location : [Town][, State][,Country]
Region : (entered by WR admin)
Organizer: [Name] [e-mail] [homepage]

More info: [Other info]

2. Discipline and class info
Right now I create import text files for each discipline and class.

Example of "discipline and class" filenames:

3. Racer info
Incomplete names of racers are always a time consuming task. Try to register racers with their correct names as much as possible. Avoid nicknames.

If the race was a head to head then equal placements (i.e. 5, 9 and 17, 33) are splitted by using the qualifying results. If you are unsure of how to do it you can send along the qualifying result lists for the head to head as well.

4. Result Format
List all racers from first to last placement in one of the following formats:

[Place] "[Personal name]" "[Family name]" "[Country]" [Result or DQ]
[Place] "[Family name]" "[Personal name]" "[Country]" [Result or DQ]

If not knowing the "time results" then set a "0".
If disqualified then set a "DQ".
Only list people who entered the discipline.

Example of text files "TS_OPEN.txt":
1 Luca Giammarco ITA 10.00
2 Jason Mitchell USA 11.00
3 Hans Koraeus SWE DQ

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