[2023] Texas Sizzler, March 25-26 [Main]

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Jani Soderhall
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[2023] Texas Sizzler, March 25-26 [Main]

Post by Jani Soderhall » Tue Jan 31, 2023 7:17 pm


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/82263346880443

Event Name: Texas Sizzler
Formats planned: Giant Slalom, Speed Trap, Hybrid Slalom & Tight Slalom
Date(s): March 24th, 25th & 26th 2023
Location: Hockley Park, Hockley Texas https://goo.gl/maps/8TKnvTGsfsszGoeg8
Sanction requested: MAIN

Event websites
NCDSA: http://www.ncdsa.com/contest_registrati ... testID=641

Slalom Skateboarder, Calendar Page: http://slalomskateboarder.com/slalomran ... ls&id=1214

Come and join the Texas Outlaws for three days of slalom fun in Houston (Hockley) Texas

March 24th, 25th & 26th 2023
Friday March 24th: Giant Slalom & Downhill Speed Trap
Saturday March 25th: Hybrid Slalom
Sunday March 26th: Tight Slalom

Entry Fee is $80

All three days will be held at the Hockley Soap Box Derby Hill.
The soapbox derby hill is closed to traffic, has lights, restrooms, and seating for spectators. The Asphalt on a scale of 1-10 is a 9, the hill is a quarter mile long and drops at 1st a 6% then a 4% grade speeds can reach 30-35 MPH due to an almost constant tail wind.


: Giant Slalom will be single lane jam style A Class B & C class will be chosen by the timer. Racers may go off the big ramp (the Bar as, some of you might know, was wrecked, we are planning on building a new Bar, details to Follow) the small ramp or no ramp. There will be one lower start that may be chosen by the racer but a 30 second penalty will be added to their time Cone penalty .20 per cone 15% cone DQ limit, all racers get four runs.

Bragging rights downhill, no Prize money no ISSA points. Fastest through the trap (88 feet you time is converted to speed) wins. The racer can go down the BAR the regular ramp or push you can pump or tuck or push all the way before the trap but both feet must be on the board while you go through the trap

Hybrid slalom will be 1st qualifying and then head to head racing. Cone penalty .10 per cone 15% cone DQ limit; we will be using Ricky Byrd style start ramps and Trakmate timer with false start detection. If you false start it will be a DQ for that run.

Tight slalom will run 1st A class from the top with Ricky Byrd Style start ramps a class will be the top 16 only. Qualifying then head to head ladder style racing. Note if you do not qualify for the A class then the racer will be allowed to race in the B/C race. But their times will be reset.

B& C class will run down farther on the hill, it will be run single lane jam style; all racers will get two runs. Note there will be two lanes form the A class race already set up, so we will both lanes but still it will be run jam style.

Please note: There will be A, B and C classes for Pros and AM’s Masters, Woman’s and Juniors this year, only your time will seat you nothing else, and all points will be to where you place after head to head racing within the entire class. So, this means that if there are for example, 8 racers in the A class and you come in 1st in the B class you will be in ninth place for the whole class and so on down the line. If we have enough Master’s & Juniors or woman to make a division (declared the magic number is 4) then they will be eligible to win both their class as well as they place they earn over all.

PayPal will be accepted from February 14th Through March 14th, 2023. PayPal info to follow.

Questions comments Dirty looks?? Feel from to email q.sizzler@gmail.com.

We will also accept entry fees on the hill. Entry Fee includes all three days of racing and snacks (chips soda cookies etc.)

Hotel and camping Information
La Quinta Inn Houston Cy-Fair
13290 FM 1960 West
Houston, TX, 77065-4005,

Or La Quinta Inn Cypress
Address: 27130 US-290

Cypress, TX 77429

Phone: (281) 304-2711Also there has been some more growth in the area and there two other hotels that people might want to consider.

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites-Waller/Prairie View
19777 Stokes Road
Waller, TX 77484
Phone: 936-372-2227

Cheaper No-frills room closer to the hill.


31380 FM 2920, WALLER, TX 77484 855-516-1090

Fancier newer and closer to the hill.

There is also a new hotel in the area.
Fairfield Inn & Suites 35527 US 290
Waller, Texas 77484 USA
1 936-310-0501

Sleep Inn & Suites 35531 Highway 290 BYP, Waller, TX, 77484, USA (936) 213-1730
These 2 are the closest to the hill and is in transportation stop with a Checkers restaurant and gas station.

Looking to camp?
Try Jelly stone in Waller They have campsites and cabins.
Address: 34843 Betka Rd, Waller, TX 77484
Phone: (979) 826-4111

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