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[2015] Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 8:10 am
by Jadranko Radovanovic

Information about the Race:

Saturday, 20 June 2015:
Straight-Slalom in Gruningen
Training starts at 09:00
Race starts at 10:00

Spezial Slalom in Gruningen
Training starts at 14:00
Race starts at 15:00

Sunday, 21 June 2015:
Hybrid Slalom in Gruningen
Training starts at 09:00
Race starts at 10:00

Price ceremony at 15:00

Entry Fee:
50 CHF for both day's
20 CHF for juniors (born 2000 or later)

You can register here or by E-Mail. I will give you the Payment information by E-Mail or PM.
Registration closes by 22. of May. Payment must be done by 1. of June.

price money:
we offer 1'000 Euro overall (1st,2nd,3th) price money

You can sleep for free in the swiss military bunker at the race side in Gruningen.
For hotels, please contact me asap. Because of a Music Festival in the near of Gruningen.

We offer you a lift from and to the airport. Please contact me by Facebook or E-Mail.
Flights back home will be possible from 19:00 in the evening. If your flight is before, let's talk about it private.

In case of rain:
We haven't a plan B. In June it never rain's the whole day. As the sun rise at 06:00 in the morning and the sunset is about 21:00, we will have for shure enough time to race.

Side Event:
On the same weekend, there is a music festival about 5 kilometers from Gruningen. With act's as Nightwish, Limp Bizkit, Billy Idol and so on.
Tickets starts from 99 CHF per day. I can organise a small amount of Tickets for 72.90 CHF. If you are interested in special rate Tickets, please contact me by Facebook or E-Mail.
It will be possible to buy tickets direct at the location. It' won't be sold out.

Will be posted here....

Registered Racers:
1. Janis Kuzmins
2. Manuel Frei
3. Fabian Koula
4. Pascal Weber
5. Chris Hart
6. Mmedo DFt
7. Louis Selby
8. Lars Tüxen
9. Javi from Spain
10. Alfonso from Spain
11. Michel Dupont
12. Christopher Dupont
13. Irene
14. Bianca
15. Martina
16. Zaccaria di Giorgo
17. Franco di Giorgo
18. Lee Diamant
19. Oleg
20. Stas Mironenko
21. Richard Searle
22. Marcel Roosen
23. Lukas Mehler
24. Jürgen Dreier
25. Alexander Lutz
26. Gustavs Gailitis
27. Arturs Liskovs
28. Martins Liepins
29. Petr Janousek
30. Pavel Holec
31. Josef Stefka
32. Edijs Jermacenko
33. Toms Dreiblats

Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Thu May 14, 2015 4:39 pm
by Juergen Dreier
Hallo zusammen,

habe mich für euer Rennen nun angemeldet. Habe nun 2 Fragen an Euch:

1. Ich reise schon am Freitag den 19.06 an. Kann man schon zu diesem Zeitpunkt in dem "Bunker" übernachten ?

2. Wo und wann muss ich mich am Samstag melden, in der Schorenstrasse oder Werkstrasse ?

3. Sendet mir bitte die Daten für die Überweisung

Freu mich auf Eure Antwort und ein tolles Rennen.


Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 7:42 am
by Jadranko Radovanovic
Hallo Jürgen

Du kannst ab Freitag im Bunker übernachten. Dieser ist gleich unter der Werkstrasse. Einige werden bereits am Freitag Abend anreisen.
Ich habe gestern die Meldung der Gemeinde erhalten, dass wir die Schorenstrasse nicht bekommen können. Somit wird sich das ganze Rennen auf die Werkstrasse konzentrieren.

Ist PayPal für dich ok? Der Account lautet:

ansonsten bitte ich dich mir eine E-Mail zu schreiben, dann kann ich dir die Bankverbindung mitteilen, ohne sie hier öffentlich bekannt zu geben.

Gruss Jadranko

Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 7:48 am
by Jadranko Radovanovic
"Giant Slalom Cancelled"

We get yesterday the information from the local authority, that we can't have the Schorenstrasse for the Giant-Slalom.
We will make a straight slalom instead on the Werkstrasse. That mean's we will have 3 different courses.

Sorry for the bad news!

Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 7:53 am
by Jadranko Radovanovic

Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 10:57 am
by Hans Koraeus
Jadranko, are you using the World Ranking registration page? ... ons&id=826

Do you know that you as organizer can update and add registration of racers in that list as well?

Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 8:41 pm
by Michel Dupont
Please register Michel and Christopher DUPONT

Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 1:43 pm
by Petr Janousek
Hi Jadranko.
We are still waiting for informations about payment.... We hope we are registered. (Petr Janousek, Pavel Holec and Josef Stefka)
Thanks for your answer.


Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:59 pm
by Robert Thiele
Hi Jadranko,

You wrote In the application for this race that you will have GS + two slaloms with H2H.
Permited by local governement ( ! )

If you cancell now (20.Mai /see above) the GS because you don´t have permition so what is the explanation ?

Many people go to the races only to ride some nice GS, because there are no really possibilities for anybody to practis GS at home area.

So if you make now Straight slalom instead GS it is pretty hard.

On the you explain that there will be no practis and that every run counts ( ? )

Can you please explain what is the Format of all races ? Is some of the courses on "Flat" ?
This is elemantary information for all racer.

Please post it here.

We all are happy that some people organize the slalom races and some of us know how hard it is !

Thank you for making this race !

Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:18 am
by Jadranko Radovanovic
Hi Robert

I see what you mean. We tried to get the giant at different places and it was not possible. We accepted the decision from the local goverment.
We decide to make a discipline at the location we have the permission.

I'don't know why the people go to the races, i never talked with them about it.

For all registered participants (registered before 20. Mai) who feel disappointed and don't want to participate, send me your bill's and i give you the money back for airline tickets.

2. The burningwheelstour website is more for the swiss people. The information aren't updated. They just took the information from last year.
There will be a training and two qualification run's and H2H for all disciplines. For now it looks like we will have just one OPEN CLASS and we will split them after the qualification in two H2H Groups, that everyone if possible can race H2H.
No course is on "Flat"

Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:58 pm
by Robert Thiele
Hi Jadranko,

Thank you for quick answer.

I have big respect for people who organize races !
It is really hard work and many people make after only bla,bla,bla..
Othervise in my function as Statusmarshall have also to look for differences
between the application and the actual race, so please understand my questions.
We are a small group, and all of us is happy that someone organize a race !
(Everybody of us should organize minimum one race in his life to understand how hard it is ...)

I think there is nobody who wants refund some money, because of no GS.
It is like it is .

-It is great to split the groups to get everybody H2H experience.
-No "Flat" is allways good !

My offer for you:

-If you need second timetrack as "backup" please let me know.
I can bring my from Stuttgart.

- I donate you two sets of Slalom wheels for the victory ceremony !!
(For "unhappy" place Nr.13 and for the racer with longest travel distance)


Re: Slalom Skateboard World Cup Gruningen

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:44 pm
by Jani Soderhall


1 Janis Kuzmins, LAT
2 Stas Mironenko, UKR
3 Christopher Dupont, FRA
4 Edis Jermacenko, LAT
5 Robert Thiele, GER
6 Michel Dupont, FRA
7 Gustavs Gailitis, LAT
8 Petr Janousek, CZE

1 Arturs Liskovs, LAT
2 Toms Dreiblats, LAT
3 Radan Knobloch, GER
4 Felix Müller, GER
5 Mmedo Dufort, GBR
6 Max Thiele, GER
7 Lars Tüxen, GER
8 Alex Lutz, GER

1 Janis Kurmins, LAT
2 Robert Thiele, GER
3 Edis Jermacenko, LAT
4 Christopher Dupont, FRA
5 Stas Mironenko, UKR
6 Josef Stefka, CZE
7 Michel Dupont, FRA
8 Gustavs Gailitis, LAT