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NASS Love Monkey Open Slalom Championships 9-11 July 2010

Posted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:16 pm
by Rob Ashby
Once again UKSSA in association with NASS and Glastonbury Ales will be staging two days of Slalom racing at this year's NASS Festival at the Royal Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Paul Nash and his team from Glastonbury Ales will again on site to slake skaters thirst as well as helping to sponsor our races. So pack your board, tent, and best beer drinking Vans and head on down to the West Country for the weekend.


This year NASS will feature a World Cup Skateboarding Competition on the Goliath Ramp with top riders taking part. There will also be street skating, in-line, BMX, FMX alongside a host of other extreme sports, rides, stalls and try-outs. There is a good music line up this year including the very excellent Plan B plus the usual mix of drum ‘n’ bass stages etc. Oh and for you that missed them last year the “Loaded” girls are back!

Camping will be away from the main public campsites in the separate competitor area.
The layout of the site is slightly different this year and the competitor site is in a different area as usual Access will be limited to those wearing competitor wristbands (issued on signing into the showground) and will have 24-hour security. Note: you will not be able to take your car into the campsite.

Relentless, one of the main sponsors will be providing an "Athletes Lounge", access to this area is restricted and access will be by "Competitor" wristband only.
There are also numerous food outlets and stalls selling just about everything from burritos to cheap Vans!
There are medical teams present on onsite with 24-hour cover.

Photos from previous years: ... 651666975/ ... 135261554/

NASS runs from Friday 9th - Sunday 11th July 2010.

See the website for details here:

We’re shown here:

Entry Fees:

£15 for one day
£25 for the weekend (All proceeds go to UKSSA).
Juniors: (15 and under) FREE!

Please note: Unfortunately this year the NASS organisers have waived free “plus ones” for partners/wives etc.

What we ask from all of you is that you sign up as soon as possible here: ... 467#signup

....and make your payment by PayPal to: Please mark your payment NASS - if you are just coming for the day please state which day you will be attending.
We can take money on the day but would prefer if entries are paid by PayPal where possible so we don’t have keep cash on site all weekend.
As in previous years if your name isn’t on the list YOU WILL NOT GET IN. The organisers are VERY strict on this.

The format for racing will be:

Friday – Arrival Set up camp, courses and ramps

Saturday - Dual Tight Slalom

Sunday - Dual Hybrid Slalom

Qualifying will be the best time of two runs, one run in each lane.

Starting for qualifying will be individually timed, but in order to keep up the racing impetus, racers are requested to go within ten seconds of being permitted on course, with parallel qualifying preferred (i.e. racers going together ASAP).

Time and numbers (and weather) permitting, there will then be bracketing into two groups of 16, A and B Groups. If there are any delays then a single bracket of top 16 will be arranged. We are not limited to a particular finish time on Saturday so we may be able to cram in some additional races as well as!

Starting in the heats will be via the standard European system of 'five second warning', where, once racers are ready, a start will ensue at any point within the next five seconds. Anyone DEEMED to be jumping the start will be given just one verbal warning before being given the DQ penalty of 10per cent of the fastest qualifying time.

Cone penalty will be 0.1 seconds per cone.

If a cone is hit and remains either touching or in part of its circle then it is not to be counted as a penalty. If a cone is out of place on your run, then pull out of the course and raise your hand immediately. If cones are knocked out in front of you by the opposition's cones then do likewise. A re-run will occur. If these rules are deemed to be abused, then the organiser's delegated referee decision will be final. Even if wrong!

Further updates about NASS will appear here as I get them.

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:17 am
by Rob Ashby
Ready to Race? Ready to "Monkey" around a little?


See you there!

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:15 pm
by Rob Ashby

Saturday - TS

1st Paul Price
2nd Louis Selby
3rd Sam Gordon
4th Mmedo Duffort
5th Sam Slaven
6th James Parry Jones
7th Ben Williams
8th Paul Keleher
9th Rob Ashby
10th Tim Neal
11th Nigel Allgood

Sunday - HS

1st Paul Price
2nd Louis Selby
3rd Sam Gordon
4th Mmedo Duffort
5th Rob Ashby
6th Sam Slaven
7th Paul Keleher
8th Ben Williams
9th Nigel allgood
10th Louis algood
11th Tim Neal

Overall Placings, combining both Results

1st Paul Price
2nd Louis Selby
3rd Sam Gordon
4th Mmedo 1848 Duffort
5th Sam Slaven
6th Rob Ashby
=7th Paul Keleher
=7th Ben Williams
9th James Parry Jones
10th Nigel allgood
11th Tim Neal
12th Louis algood

A big thanks to all those that took part and helped out with the organisation.

Some photos here:!/albu ... =628572787

and here:!/albu ... 892&ref=mf