Aerodynamic helmet [head fairing]

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Adam Trahan
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Aerodynamic helmet [head fairing]

Post by Adam Trahan » Fri May 16, 2003 1:19 am



About 10 years ago, I traded John Gilmour a compact full faced aerodynamic helmet (different from the one below) for a quiver of Hyper wheels. I was using that helmet to run cones, albeit solo in Arizona.

The audacity to use an aerodynamic helmet came from my hang gliding. Cutting down on aerodynamic drag over the course of a cross country flight increases performance allowing one to reach farther in glide.

Skateboard slalom?


For some of us, cutting out Sourdough Bacon Burgers would far and beyond outweigh the simply addition of a a "helmet fairing."

I think if I were at the top of the stack, I would DEFINITELY use the aerodynamic advantages of a faired helmet and a "skin suit" so to speak.

Raw talent will prevail but once we grow the sport out of the few hundred racers and the LARGE differences in performance, technology will be an important choice.

For those of you who are serious enough to purchase $1,000 skateboard slalom boards, I predict that you will at a minimum look at aerodynamics as we move into the future.

The above is one possibility, around a hundred dollars US.

Performance should take precidence.

There should be no peer pressure dictating what you should look like.

Just a thought...


Brian Morris
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Post by Brian Morris » Fri May 16, 2003 2:05 am

What type of Helmet does Mollica wear, I think Joe I was wearing a similar helmet at Henry J's thing.


Patio Mendino
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Post by Patio Mendino » Fri May 16, 2003 2:29 pm

During my triathalon/biathalon days, these type helmets were banned. in a local triathalon race (Stone Mountain, GA), a top racer wrecked on his bike, fell backwards and the point on the back of the helmet caused his head/neck to twist and put him paralyzed from the neck down. top racer to chair rider just like that.
Think of how skaterbuilt dude recently crashed.
That point is aero, but scary.
My 2 cents.

Adam Trahan
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Post by Adam Trahan » Fri May 16, 2003 4:12 pm

Good observation P.

The helmet in question I sold to John, a Jack Lambie designed "Aerodyne" with the tail lopped off addressed this impact scenario. It was perfect.

Aerodynamic hang gliding and paragliding helmets are beggining to address the scenario you present with less radical tail design. There are some really good choices, a little Yahoo internet search will get you rolling in the right direction.


Lazer - Charlie Insider - Limar</center>

I believe I saw the Swiss Team using a aero paragliding helmet at Morro/Avila Beach similiar to these two.

The helmet/fairing example that I started this thread with is extreme. It is a head fairing more than a "helmet."

In the late seventies or early eighties when Madrid came out with the Roger Hickey downhill concave, aerodynamics and speedboarding began to get a bit more serious regarding the masses. I bought my first Aerodynamic helmet for hang gliding in 1983 and immediately used it for downhill skateboarding that first season. I have a couple of friends who liked downhilling too. If I had my "head fairing" you couldn't beat me. If I gave it to a friend, same thing, an advantage no less.


1983 Speedboarding with the Aerodyne shell. That's me overtaking Garron Hale with a conventional helmet on a long downhill run.

The bottom line is that there are many choices out there that can help you cheat the wind. We are not regulated at this moment. I am in no way advocating that you use a aerodynamic helmet for crash protection. If crash protection is at the top of the list with no regard for aerodynamic advantage, then there are many good choices in the protection direction, aerodynamics included.

Aerodynamic helmets should be catagorized by the regulatory agency that rates them, chosen by the racer who accepts the responsibility of using one. Many are nothing more than "fairings" if they do not meet certain crash criteria. As you have stated, they have been banned in some disciplines due to the nature of crash dynamics. I think you could build some sort of breakaway tail that would address this but that's another story in itself.

Skateboard racing is a dangerous sport, so is bicycle racing, hang gliding, etc. We need to accept the responsibility of our actions and the "impact" on our lives. If I am a skateboard racer and I crash with an aerodynamic helmet, twist and break my neck becoming paralyzed, is it the helmet's fault that I chose to skateboard race?

Unfortunately in America, liability is a game that the rules are not crystal clear and are re-written in the final moments played in court...

We should be covered by insurance for such an event. It is our responsibility to make sure that our health insurance covers our chosen activities.

Skate safe, responsibly and FAST, what a paradox.

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John Gilmour
Team Roe Racing
Team Roe Racing
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Post by John Gilmour » Sat Sep 13, 2003 3:43 pm

That Limar helmet....doesn't seem so aerodynamic to me. Can you get good laminar airflow over something riddled with ventilation slots like that?

I do think we need better helmet alternatives.

Martin Siegrist
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aerodynamic helmets

Post by Martin Siegrist » Fri Nov 14, 2003 3:20 pm

ImageImageCheck out! The Icaro 4fight is a very fast helmet, not only if you are riding in your aero tuck, but also if you are in a standing position. The pin at the rear end of the helmet is very thin, it's an aerodynamic feature only. If you crash on it, it will (should) brake! Next season, I will use this helmet for downhill speedboarding. It think this helmet would also be fast for slalom. But: if you are wearing a full face helmet, the visor is an important thing to think of. I used the Icaro Skyrunner Image at the Super G at the Eurochampionships in Antibes. If I breath and sweat a lot, then the visor starts getting foggy. Perhaps an open helmet (not full face) like this here is better:

ImageIcaro 4fight jet

Leonardo Ojeda
Venezuelan Racer
Venezuelan Racer
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Post by Leonardo Ojeda » Fri Nov 14, 2003 6:04 pm

i am designing a plastic piece that will make any helmet more aerodinamic.
it will detach or flex in case of collision and also it will be used when u want it or not, but also it will be strong enough to support the wind pressure.

i dont use/have autocad so its taking some time.

"I`ll see you at the end of the hill"

Rich Stephens
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Post by Rich Stephens » Fri Nov 14, 2003 6:29 pm

From observing the worlds in paso robles, morro bay, I'd say that for many racers, more aerodynamics can be gained by toning down all the wacky arm, hand and head movements. They'd look a whole heck of a lot cooler, too. I know it's tempting to buy gear than put in the work, but...

Sure, for some of you guys, you may already have perfect form and the most tuned in, fastest skateboards and the helmet is the last piece to going the absolute fastest possible. But not me!


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