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Gary Holl
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Giro Helmets

Post by Gary Holl » Thu Aug 29, 2002 10:16 pm

If you're not using a Giro you're not getting the protection you need. No, I'm not sponsored by them, but I do recommend that everyone purchase a helmet that has been rated and that will provide protection. The two models I use are the "Semi" and the "Switchblade". The Switchblade is a full face that provides me with confidence and safety.

Bob Frias
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Post by Bob Frias » Sun Sep 01, 2002 4:31 pm

I've yet to see a Giro up close but like what I hear regarding their saftey. I use a Hi-Fi snowboard helmet that's rated for 40+ mph. It's not bulky and is well made. It was a bit pricey at 99.99 but well worth it to me. ALL helmets have some worth I suppose.

Better than breaking your noggin [something I have intimate knowledge of].
My amp is warmed up and I'm ready to shred!!!

Glenn S
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Post by Glenn S » Thu Sep 05, 2002 7:40 pm

someone posted this over at for a good deal on the Semi:

<a href=" ... 0DXP7F1K10"> Giro Semi deal </a href>

Update: Gary, I purchased this Semi helmet because of yours and other recomendations at I got this deal above for $19.95. I am VERY happy with the helmet and think you are right in your opinion. I would recommend this helmet too.

Gareth Roe
RoeRacing Team Captain
RoeRacing Team Captain
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Post by Gareth Roe » Wed Apr 02, 2003 9:36 pm

The <B>RoeRacing Team</B> is very fortunate to be sponsored by <a href="" target="_blank">GIRO Helmets</a>. Even if I wasn't sponsored by Giro, I would still be wearing a Giro helmet. If the Giro brand is good enough for Lance while he is going 50 mph on his bike, why wouldn't I want to wear one? Ask Michael Dong about how much he loves his Giro Helmet- it saved his life. Go to their site and check out thier complete line of helmets - there is something there that will work for you!

Giro tests all of their helmets <B>and</B> all of their competitors helmets on
a regular basis. They test side, front, back and top impacts. Giro helmets
are lighter and stronger but are not multi impact, meaning that they will last one life
saving hit and then need to be replaced. Thus, Giro can't compete against the cheaper open cell foam helmets that will take more hits, be heavier and sweatier. The closest thing to a skate helmet that Giro Makes is the is Semi. This is the same Helmet that Michael Dong, Gary Fluitt, Henry Hester, Terence Kirby, Steven King, Judi, and myself (plus a lot of non RoeRacing team members) are wearing. Giro has a great new helmet, the Xen (pronounced "Zen") that you may see on the hill this year.

You may have also seen some slalom racers last year wearing an awesome full-face, lightweight helmet - the Switchblade. It retails for about $180.00, is made in Italy and isn't cheap by any means and therefore, is not marketable for the average skater. But my head is worth it!!!!

RoeRacing is very fortunate to be sponsored by Giro - THANK YOU GIRO. However, are even more furtunate to have Judi Oyama riding for us! Judi and the folks at Giro have donated dozens of helmets for prizes at many of the races last year. <B>Judi and the folks at Giro - Thanks for supporting slalom skateboard racing!!</B>

Racers, support those who support Slalom Skateboard Racing - (and while your at it, get the best protection for your melon that is available!)


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