[2005] Pro Designed Pads Group Discount!

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[2005] Pro Designed Pads Group Discount!

Post by Lance Marks » Wed Apr 13, 2005 9:38 pm

Wild Bill is opening up a group order discount! If you missed the last one I ran over at S&B a few months back, you can get in on this one. The pads will be available at wholesale prices. It's open from April 13th to May 31st.

For pricing call Wild Bill at: 713-957-0341
Or email him at: prodesignedinc@msn.com
He's super cool.

If he gives you pricing, please keep in on the DL, as he doesn't want it posted everywhere. Also, the deal is good for pads only, so don't try to get in on it if you just want T-shirts, stickers, or re-caps.

Tell him the order is under my name: Lance