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Glenn S
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Post by Glenn S » Thu Sep 19, 2002 12:49 am

you sell two different types of oils(Sonic Super Oil & Sonic Super Gel) on your site. Could you please explain why you might use one over the other? When the bearings are shipped out new, which type of oil is inside them? And which type do you find that slalom racers prefer to buy from you? And would this be at all dependent on if the bearing was shielded or sealed?
Thanks, Glenn

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Ed Lynn
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Post by Ed Lynn » Tue Sep 24, 2002 4:58 pm

We use the Gel on the Steel(Sealed and Shielded) and the Oil on the Ceramic (Sealed and Shielded).

The Sealed bearings are great at staying grit free much longer then the Shielded. The use of Gel adds to the maintenance free sealed bearing. It acts as a barrier between the outside dirty world and the inner workings of the bearing. They stay smooth for a long, long time. As for speed. They will show a slower free spin at first but running under the load of your weight, they run fast. As fast as oiled bearings? That's debatable.

We use the oil in the ceramics for no particular reason except we know the people that use them are more serious about there sport (They cost more) and thus want that initial fast free spin. They are also more inclined to service them to keep them clean. No problem using gel on the ceramics.

We sell as much oil as we do gel. It seems to be a preference thing. Personally I like the Gel because it doesn't fly out of the bearing during use and attract dirt.
Thanks for asking.
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Ed Lynn

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