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Vlad Popov
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Straight Parallel Slalom

Post by Vlad Popov » Wed Oct 22, 2003 12:16 am

I see Straight Parallel Slalom (SPS) as the discipline side of slalom, which, in turn, is the discipline side of skateboarding. Anyone can practice it anywhere, sort of like CyberSL, and get ready for the next comp. The practice routine seems easy, and the race courses are "predictable". Some find it dull, while others think it's exciting to watch and to participate. There were already 3 slalom races in the States in the past year or so that included SPS. One of them was run under the ISSA rules. The three races is a good sign that there is interest in SPS.

What do you, racers, think about it?

Rick Stanziale
Red Clay Racing
Red Clay Racing
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Post by Rick Stanziale » Wed Oct 22, 2003 1:05 am

You could certainly claim the surface in West Virginia was better suited to the straight parallel.

I can't recall times posted on either course, what was the difference?

Contrary to popular opinion, I have not been practicing. My legs were burning at the end of the straight parallel, while during the special I was pumping through the finish line. The straight parallel does a better job at separating the classes (can we come up with something besides "open", "pro", "A-pro", "B-pro"?).

I'll keep waiving the straight flag and setting parallel courses on the black hills of red clay country.

Chuck Gill
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straight parallel tight

Post by Chuck Gill » Wed Oct 22, 2003 5:28 am

Fun to race, boring to practice.

Chris Eggers
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Post by Chris Eggers » Wed Oct 22, 2003 8:34 am

In my opinion it is absolutely boring. I do it sometimes, but only to see if I can still do it and to make it very very tight and to try boards and trucks for their pumping ability.

Jani Soderhall
ISSA President 2011-2020
ISSA President 2011-2020
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Post by Jani Soderhall » Wed Oct 22, 2003 11:56 am

I see straight slalom as a discipline similar to 100 m sprint.

It might be boring because it doesn't have the variability of special / hybrid or giant slalom, but it has the advantage of giving no surprises to the competitors when the course is set. You know in advance what it's going to be like (except for ramps, surface, slope) and there is a potential to compare times between races and between/over different years (or generations).

A 100 cone record on a course that is set as special or hybrid wouldn't make sense.

John Gilmour
Team Roe Racing
Team Roe Racing
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Remeber the first time? SPS was your first.

Post by John Gilmour » Wed Oct 22, 2003 4:06 pm

I thing SPS is one of the more important disciplines for slalom.

1. It forces beginners to learn how to pump quickly and learn fast
2. Of course there are no surprises about the course other than the surface and pitch.
3. Newer slalomers can practice sps at home and feel well prepared for a contest- perhaps only entering that event for the first time. A person practicing SPS could come and compete and EXPECT not to DQ within 2 months of starting to slalom. You learn more at a contest in a few hours than you could in a few months at home- therefore- anything we can do to encourage people to compete sooner is better. SPS is ideal for this.
4. SPS racing equivalent to auto racing is the 1/4 miler for a longer course - and a drag race for shorter courses. Simple to understand. A long SPS teaches people to think where to accellerate- coast, fire the nitrous, etc.
5. There are few upsets in SPS and it is quick to run and reset. We probably have no need for a bracket larger than 8 to determine the winner in an dual SPS and qualifications can be used to order all places after 4th.
6. Dual SPS is one of the few disciplines that can be set fairly with courses evenly matched. It also allows for the courses to be set closer together - which for camera work is better.
7. There are fewer complaints about SPS courses.
One good turn deserves another
john gilmour

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