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Adam Trahan
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Post by Adam Trahan » Tue Sep 17, 2002 4:06 pm


Bob Frias has a small pivot Full Track Offset. Being a Tracker fan myself, I am interested in this truck as I have a set of small pivots.

Bob, can you let us know how these ride?

Where did you get them done?

Bob Frias
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Post by Bob Frias » Tue Sep 17, 2002 4:44 pm

I had this made bt my good bro and local DC Crew guy Geezer-X. He's a slalom racer/machinist and was making offsets for the new batch of trucks when the thought hit me "Why not take my fave truck and make it an offset?"

I made the deal and Geez went to work. What I got back is a work of art as well as a killer truck.

As stated on NCDSA I tore up a set of 81a Stingers in one session testing these trucks. They were a practice and the road I practice on is less than perfect. These trucks have sooo much traction I cannot break em loose. The axles are slightly ahead of the kingpin which adds to the monster grip they achieve. I Loooooove TTC's but this is a special truck. It now resides on my 90's cut-away where it will stay forever.

I'm loathe to give out Geez's e-mail address here so look in the ncdsa forums and find it. Shouldn't be too hard. It's not that I want to keep it to myself mind ya, but I have gotten sevrel e-mails regarding his work already and I'm not sure he's ramped up to accomodate the deluge that's coming.

With a little work you will find it though.

Skate hard.

My amp is warmed up and I'm ready to shred!!!

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