Seismic rear angle slalom angle

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Tim Pritchard
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Seismic rear angle slalom angle

Post by Tim Pritchard » Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:37 pm

Hey. Setting up my new slalom deck and I'm not sure what angle to seethe rear to.

With long distance pumping, everyone seems to love -7* and not get on with other angles.

Is there a sweet angle for slalom?

I'm trying to setup a slalom deck to pump nice and tight kind of for cones on the flat and get me into slalom. Do some hills and cones too.

Got a skaterbuilt at 20" wheelbase with Bennett 5.0 and seismic 130, 75mm wheels, 7* currently front and back. Just feels like the back is turning a bit much, or the front not enough? Feels so different to LDP!

Any tips? Got some 62mm wheels I can try!

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