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Race Organization and Promotion Assistance

Postby Jani Soderhall » Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:12 pm

Originally posted by Wesley Tucker, February 2010
(partially awaiting updates - access current documents under Resources in the top site menu)

The International Slalom Skateboarding Association (ISSA) is founded to promote, advance and assist in any way possible slalom skateboarding. At the heart of the sport is racing and racing events. For interested race event organizers or promoters, the ISSA would like to make available resources to help make the event as competitive, well organized and enjoyable as possible for all participants and spectators.

Following are documents and marketing materials to aid in marketing, coordinating, scheduling and facilitating a slalom skateboard race. Please download these materials and use for planning and managing the event.

Also, any slalom race is eligible to apply for ISSA sanctioning. An ISSA sanction will mean the race will receive recognition as an ISSA slalom world-ranking event. Participants will earn points toward individual rankings both for the country where racers' reside and for ranking of racers around the world. The ISSA recognizes five classes of slalom skateboarders: Pro men, Open men, Women, Jr. Boys and Jr. Girls. Sanctions are granted at five levels: Major, Main, Prime, Basic and Plain. If interested, download the ISSA Sanction Application document and submit to the ranking marshals.

ISSA Contest Sanction Application Form for 2011
http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/ISSA/ ... n-2011.doc

ISSA Status Guide Lines and recommendations 2011
http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/ISSA/ ... e-2011.doc

Any organized racing event requires rules. The ISSA provides rules and requirements for all aspects of slalom skateboard racing: tight slalom, slalom, giant slalom, skateboard requirements, safety equipment, course descriptions, start ramps, timing and any special situations arising during the course of qualifying and racing:

* ISSA 2010 Slalom Skateboarding Rules http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/Media ... ARules.pdf
* ISSA 2012 Slalom Skateboarding Rules http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/Media ... ARules.pdf

In 2008 ISSA member Marion Karr, who was instrumental in organizing the annual Dixie Cup slalom skateboard race, composed a "Race Promoter's Checklist" covering most every conceivable contingency for putting on a race. No matter the level of promotion or organization the race may involve, this handy brochure-sized checklist covers everything needed to know about a slalom skateboard race:

http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/Media ... rrace1.pdf
(awaiting update to 2011/2012)


Also, for both information and promotion efforts, the ISSA provides a quick and easy downloadable tri-fold brochure to use. This brochure can be used to explain the sport to potential sponsors, regulatory agencies (governmental agencies or other institutions needed to cooperate and issue permits) and of course spectators on race day. Download this file and make as many copies deemed necessary for the event:

http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/Media ... rdBroc.pdf
(awaiting update to 2011)


The ISSA sanctions races using medium-height start ramps. These ramps provide a quick and exciting start to the races. Building start ramps requires a few tools, 2x4 lumber and two sheets of plywood (one 3/8" and one 1/4") for each ramp. Of course, dual racing requires two ramps. The standard start ramp was designed by Ricky Byrd of Jackson, Mississippi. Occasionally, there will be a reference to the "Byrd start ramp." He provided detailed plans for reproducing these ramps for any race organizer or racer to reproduce:

http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/Stuff ... pPlans.pdf


Any questions or concerns arising about dealing with the ISSA and its mission can be answered by reviewing the association’s By Laws:

(awaiting update to 2011)

Also, the ISSA provides an online kit available for download of all ISSA graphics and logos. These can be used to promote both the sanctioning status and the governing body used to insure a well-run exciting and most importantly fun slalom skateboard racing event:

http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/ISSA/ ... ackage.zip
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ISSA President 2011-2015
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Postby Ron Barbagallo » Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:32 pm

cool - glad this is still around

I think it's important that all that kind of info is available in one spot

makes throwing a race a lot less intimidating
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Postby Jani Soderhall » Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:02 pm

Just needs rework, so anyone grab a piece and help out!

The rules and bylaws are currently being reedited by Jonathan, following a few 2011 decisions by the BOD.

Jani Soderhall
ISSA President 2011-2015
ISSA President 2011-2015
Location: Sweden, lives in France
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Re: Race Organization and Promotion Assistance

Postby Claude Regnier » Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:01 pm

Is there an updated application or do we download the 2011 version and edit. It would nice if the current years application was linked in the topic "call for organizers" (http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/phpBB ... 272&t=8921) space every year. Easy to find and see any changes or updates right away.....

Thank you...
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