Election for ISSA BOD 2019

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Election for ISSA BOD 2019

Postby Jani Soderhall » Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:23 pm

It's time to look into the organization of ISSA for 2019.

The following 4 serves until end 2018 - positions up for grabs:
Jani Soderhall (SWE/FRA) - elected end of 2016
Patric Duletzki (GER) - elected end of 2016
Janis Kuzmins (LAT) - elected end of 2017
Maria Carrasco (USA) - elected end of 2017

BOD members renewed end 2017, serves until end 2019:
Hans "Corky" Koraeus (SWE)
Rogerio "Sammy" Nogueira (BRA)
Robert Thiele (GER)

North American Status Marshals 2018-2019:
Maria Carrasco (USA)
Jack Andros (USA)
Chris Cousineau (CAN)

European Status Marshal candidates (still in discussion):
Robert Thiele (GER)
Janis Kuzmins (LAT)
Christopher Dupont (FRA)
Alex Lutz (GER) - New!
Michal Subrt (CZE) - New!

South American Status Marshal:
Sammy Nogueira

Australian Status Marshal:
Mark Gorman

ISSA Volunteers and specific responsibilities:
Jonathan Harms (USA) - Treasurer
Marcus Seyffarth (SWE) - World Record management
Jonas "Yoda" Wikström (SWE) - ISSA YouTube Channel
Jean-Philippe Bouckaert (BEL) - ISSA Video Manager
Lukas Mehler (GER) - position in preparation

What can YOU do for the ISSA?

You don't have to have a political program, a fantastic strategy all worked out in advance, or any other specific prerequisite to fill any of these positions, you just need you to have been part of the scene for a while and be able to speak out your thoughts, discuss and carry out decisions. We all know and hope that the BOD should do much more than they do, but we've come to accept that time is limited for us all, and that it's difficult to set aside enough time to accomplish all we would like to. So instead of doing it all, we're just doing what we can, given the circumstances. That's all that we ask from you too.

It's been our ambition to have clearer areas of focus within the BOD, so that BOD members can act on their own within their areas of responsibility. We're doing pretty good so far, but it's still an area for improvement.

Jani Soderhall
ISSA President 2011-2015
ISSA President 2011-2015
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