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Wesley Tucker
1961-2013 (RIP)
1961-2013 (RIP)
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Post by Wesley Tucker » Tue Jun 10, 2003 7:29 am

Ok, what's the deal with these proto boards? Gary Holl has a pic of Maysey and Dunn holding their boards at Breck and they look different for a Turner to say the least. Don't anyone jump on this, but from the pic they look like Pocket Pistols.

What's the difference? The materials? Is this Turner's first attempt at a foam-core flat topped board? Assuming of course they are foam core? Who can tell from just a rather dark photo? Also, from the pic it looks like the board Mike is holding has some sort of raised rib support down the middle of the bottom of the board? Is that the case or a trick of light?

Hey, y'all took the boards to a race where everyone there could get a look. Any chance of us who are poor, destitute and living far away also getting the low down? Are they close to production? Still in testing? What did the guys who raced them at Breck think?

The questions are endless. So I'll stop now.

Oh, one last one: How Much Will They Cost?

Mike Maysey
Team Skaterbuilt
Team Skaterbuilt
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Post by Mike Maysey » Sat Jun 14, 2003 3:29 am

wesley, those boards are a little pistol, a little ick, a little roe and all turner. there's some special stuff going on in there. at this point i'm not disclosing anything. also, bear in mind those are only protos...we don't know what/how the production models will come out or how much dinero they will cost. sorry to keep you and others like you in suspense...but that's the best i can do for the time being.

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