Turner boards at Worlds 2003

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Jani Soderhall
ISSA President 2011-2020
ISSA President 2011-2020
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Turner boards at Worlds 2003

Post by Jani Soderhall » Sun Nov 23, 2003 11:38 pm

These Turner boards were apparently present at the FCR Worlds. Are these the new boards elaborated by Paul Dunn and friends?


What's the latest news on this production?

Glenn S
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Post by Glenn S » Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:25 am

I took that picture. Wes Carpenter had these decks in the back of his truck. He told me that Josh Englund was helping in glassing them up and building them. Not sure if he said if Vince Turner was involved in the building of these.

I think that they are basically of the construction of the early Turner GS/Hybrid decks. (Foam core sandwiched in glass?)

What you cant see on the bottom was the very nice multi-color glass job under a very shiney gloss coat.

Rich Stephens
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Post by Rich Stephens » Mon Nov 24, 2003 3:33 am

FWIW, the blue one looks like my GS/Hybrid Turner.

WeS Carpenter
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Post by WeS Carpenter » Tue Nov 25, 2003 8:04 am

Those decks are all prototypes.
All of these were made by Josh and myself, following the notes and techniques documented and left to Peggy by Bobby.
Josh Englund has been making surfboards for over ten yers for moonlight glassing and goodrum surfboards. He is a glassing guru.
Vince does stop by the shop from time to time, to make sure we are following and staying true to the old techniques , but also watching and helping us develop the next phase of Turners.

We are Proud and privledged to be helping Turner and we bust our asses in the shop to produce the most beautiful slalom and side-walk surfing skateboard deck on the market.

The board, on the upper left, is Tigers proto type blackbird, which has a beautiful acid splash on the bottom.

WeS Carpenter
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Post by WeS Carpenter » Tue Nov 25, 2003 8:07 am

The board on the lower left, is Tigers Aurora.
The board on the upper right is Tigers proto.
The board on the lower right is my Aurora

Rene Carrasco
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Wes C's Turner at WLAC ......

Post by Rene Carrasco » Tue Nov 25, 2003 10:54 am

As I was walking back up the Giant Slalom Hill at WLAC last weekend for another run, Wes Carpenter showed me his new Turner.

This thing looked like a UFO landed, and Wes was riding it !

The board looked modified, cut down, trimmed, - painted up with colors to the MAX - it would have made Ed "Big Daddy" Roth proud!

This board was similar to the black board in the Glenn S photo above.

You could tell the cool glass job, even on the deck - the way the griptape was put on - STILL being able to show off the cool colors and glass job- when most skaters would just cover-up their decks ! hmmmmm.

Very nice glass job and colors -throughout the board - even the sides !
.................Wild . Very cool . - "Gaudy" - no way.....

Even though I race with Pocket Pistols AND Dale Smith's Designs.......
............as an artist myself, all my life - I can always appreciate something like these Turners, when the workmanship catches my eye !

[ sorry Wes, I forgot to give you those Tracker Trucks stickers, Darn ! ]

-just an artistic observation ...............

- - - - - - - - Rene' "Cannonball" Carrasco - over and out !
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