World Skate, appointment of 5 Continental Chairpersons

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World Skate, appointment of 5 Continental Chairpersons

Post by Jani Soderhall » Wed Mar 09, 2022 7:01 pm

World Skate Announces The Appointment of 5 Continental Chairperson Roles
March 8, 2022

One of the vital building blocks of organisational interconnectedness between all of skateboarding’s respective National Governing Bodies - both with one another and the central co-ordination role provided by World Skate - has been the need for a continental intermediary role.

Today, World Skate can announce the appointment of one for each of the globe’s 5 continents who will be responsible for helping national initiatives align with one another as well as acting as a conduit for policy and practical input into decision-making at international level.

What does this mean for skateboarders?

Well, the Chairpeople will sit on two bodies: the International Skateboarding Technical Commission which will feed information and opinions from National Governing Bodies into World Skate thinking with regards to decisions which affect everyone equally such as course design, equipment rules, how to help develop smaller events and so on.

The second is a regional Continental Skateboarding Commission which is focused on coordinating and balancing the standards of judging, coaching and event management across their designated region.

You might think of the Continental Chairperson role as having 2 diametric functions: one amplifying upwards with concerns, ideas or suggestions raised at national level or below via the International Skateboarding Technical Commission, and another oversight role at continental level through the Continental Skateboarding Commission meetings.

All the roles are voluntary and currently run up until 2024 in line with the Olympic cycle.
As ever, for information and updates bookmark us at or contact your National Federation!

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