[2016] Slalom Race in Ukraine!

Slalom Skateboarding in Ukraine

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Jani Soderhall
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[2016] Slalom Race in Ukraine!

Post by Jani Soderhall » Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:18 pm

For the first time in 20+ years we've seen a slalom event in Ukraine.
Stas entered into contact with the organizer and obtained a race report, some photos and the results.

Written by Igor Grishchenko, organiser of the event

The next day after the Roller Starts, already becoming a tradition, the third Skate Starts, a skate slalom and longboard giant slalom competition, took place. A fun format of the contest entertained all the 50 participants and more than 150 spectators. These are the record amounts so far for Аллея Здоровья!

The contest accepted participants of all ages because everyone can skateboard! The youngest participant was only 6 years old, and the oldest - 43! Everybody managed to successfully finish the race course, since the slalom and giant slalom are disciplines where the participants are not required to perform tricks, but to skillfully complete the race course with the cones! The fastest participant wins. The participants were divided into two disciplines (slalom and giant slalom) and each discipline was divided into 4 age groups. Young competed with young and old with old! :) We awarded each discipline separately!

For the first time in the history of Skate Starts, we accepted longboarders, who train snowboarding in winter, and created a separate discipline for them called giant slalom, with the restriction on the minimum length of the board from 90 cm and above.
The weather was pleasant, it was warm and sunny at our dear NSC "Olіmpіysky", where it has already become a tradition to hold not only roller starts but also skateboard and longboard slalom disciplines.
Slalom skateboarding is considered to be at the origins of skateboarding as such. Therefore it's an honour for us to hold this kind of event!

Another objective of the Starts was to conduct the qualifying competitions for snowboarders, who train on longboards during the non-winter season, and the Starts are one of the stages of their preparation! Riding technique on longboard and skate is similar to the snowboarding riding, and many snowboarders use skateboard or longboard as a simulator in the snow-free period.
Many thanks to Ski Federation of Ukraine for holding the Federation Cup in the framework of our Starts and supporting this wonderful contest!

Thanks to the best Ukrainian authentic skateboards brand Candy Boards Kyiv for the fantastic prizes that deservedly got our winners! It's always nice when domestic brands support the sport and not just do business as some brands on the Ukrainian market! So, Candy - big respect for assisting the growth of the sport and health movement!

The whole team Аллея Здоровья - Roller club - Олимпийский traditionally frictionless coordination and painstaking work on the preparation and conducting of the competition! hromadske.ua for an excellent and creatively filmed story, incredibly talented photographers Valeriya Landar and Victor Ivanenko for beautiful shots, Ivan Likhuta for a future movie about Starts, and all of you guys for your participation!!!

It was incredibly cool! We will repeat this in spring and make some noise!!!



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