The General Assembly of CASS 2010

Slalom Skateboarding in Czech Republic

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The General Assembly of CASS 2010

Post by Petr Janousek » Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:36 pm

The General Assembly of Czech Association of Slalom Skateboarding (CASS).

The General Assembly was held on 5th November 2010. There were elected the members of Board of directors. These are:
President: Radim Hromádko from Polička
Vice president: Josef Štefka from Hradec Králové
Vice president and treasurer: Tomáš Kodíček from Prague
CASS´s representative for communication with the ISSA: Petr Janoušek from Prague e-mail:

If you want to address anything to Board of directors of CASS we would like to ask you to use the above mentioned email.