i got 1st 2012 Roadster w' "Stealth" edges (pics)

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craig domenici
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i got 1st 2012 Roadster w' "Stealth" edges (pics)

Post by craig domenici » Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:56 am

Ok i really apologize for the massive pics but i just have no end of issues ULing pics to this forum....maybe it's safari or maybe it's purely down to me..............i'll try to resize & make it work when i get time.

i lined up my old Roadster that is cracked at both rails due to crazed Hummer-driving soccer-mom....also put my Pirnack (it's For Sale btw) beside to give idea of size/shape/etc..placed goGs on top as well.

atm on back i have black Radikal b/side-green fastrack tracker r/side.......on front modded tall green reflex(74a) b/side - orange Rad' cone(70a) r/side..cult zillas all round & ceramic Rush all-weathers
(i live 250m from the beach & my bearings last about 2 weeks if they're not all-weather + ceramic.......oh & i run my front cone bushings inverted.....not that anyone cares but i'm anal like that!)

the stealth edges didn't really come out like they look IRL but i hope it gives some idea.......they're exactly what the Roadster needed imo because my toes used to cut in when i dug deep....this is fav' deck i've ever owned.

i've had real drama lately with pavels.........my old Roadster was run over by a soccer mom, got pirnack shipped to me but decided to sell it same day & then found out donald was making new roadster with stealth edges.
i would like to sell my Pirnack & use my other GoGs on a G/S pavel........although i have an idea to put 66mm whells on it & a footstop then use the 19" wheelbase for some super-tight fun......we'll see.

thx Donald.
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Paul Price
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Pavel Racing Team
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Re: i got 1st 2012 Roadster w' "Stealth" edges (pics)

Post by Paul Price » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:35 am

Sweet board - glad you like it!

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