Season Opener Rocked!! May 18, 2003

Slalom Skateboarding in California

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Maria Carrasco
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Post by Maria Carrasco » Mon May 19, 2003 9:38 pm

WLAC was super cool as usual and the season opener had a great turn out!

Way to go SSS -- Brown Bomber was smokin and Attila was a force today! Josh good job. Here's a pic of the top three enjoying the moment . . .


Great to meet Baby Bianca for the first time. Here she is along with her proud parents . . .


More Firsts . . .

David showed at WLAC for the first time to join his chargin Brown Bomber and Cannonball brothers. Jay Smith took some practice runs and vowed to return to race next time -- lookin good!

Andrew Mercado should get the "most improved in one day" award -- way to go! He was also bustin out with old school moves (to match his vintage Vans) in the after race parking lot session. Hope to see more of him at upcoming events!

Thanks to Scott Peer, et al for another great event and everyone who came out to make it special. If you haven't made it out to WLAC yet -- you're missing out on some great memories and another leg of history in the making. Next one is set for July 20 -- GS and tight . . .

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WeS Carpenter
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Post by WeS Carpenter » Mon May 19, 2003 10:27 pm

way to go brother...
TURNER/LCB represented at the podium
by Mr. Josh Englund
The first race at WLAC was fun .
it was cool hanging with everyone there.
now if i can just obtain some leathers so they let me do the downhill.
Josh Englund Rips..

andrew mercado
Team Goon
Team Goon
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Post by andrew mercado » Wed May 21, 2003 5:43 am

sundays season opener was great! i learned so much and had so much fun.i cant wait till the next ther any races befor the july race? im already getting ancy. i wanna thank all of the carrascos for every thing they did for me,you guys really helped me out.i thank everyone one else who was ther all were such a chill group of people i didnt feel i had to go out and prove my self so to speak.i plan on bringing out some freinds and getting em in slalom.all beware cos by the end of the season ill have a whole mess of upstarts ready to charge the hills!


Rene Carrasco
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Post by Rene Carrasco » Wed May 21, 2003 11:28 am

Ladies and Gentlemen !

If you feel electricity and fireworks in the air when you attend WLAC - it's coming from a young fella named Andrew Mercado !

This kid has the "stoke" for skateboarding
that is really amazing to see !
He's actually a good all-around skater too.

Andrew kinda reminds me of when I first got into skateboarding - a hundred years ago !

Andrew - you got the whole world in your hands ! You gotta BIG future in skateboarding ! ! ! Go for it !

..........-Rene' "Cannonball" Carrasco.

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