ISSA 25 cones 2021 in Japan

Slalom Skateboarding in Japan

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Jani Soderhall
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ISSA President 2011-2024
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ISSA 25 cones 2021 in Japan

Post by Jani Soderhall » Mon Nov 01, 2021 10:45 pm

I came across this cool post today on Facebook.
(this is the Google translation into English, it seems pretty accurate)

By Tatsuya Takahashi

Anyone can join
Online Slalom
Slalom Addict Japan 2021
The whole match has been completed successfully!

With the result of the th match
I made a ranking for the year
I will publish it.
(if there is a mistake,
DM me, I'll update it)

Well now the competition is
How times have changed.
Expert boys are
Souta Yokono with a prude
First win

Congratulations to all.

Women's expert is
The more boys count
I'm not here, my first time in a second
In the new regulation
Suzuka Nakanishi achieved

2 Yoshiko Matsuda too
Great catch up

The Men's uncle team is
Almost no change and stagnation lol

The Meteor Shower is back and suddenly it's a second teenager
The young rise is amazing...

Also from this time on the other hand
The Tokyo venue has become the official venue
Most players have entered for the first time
It's a pleasure!

Aichi is also a waiting skater
First Slalom.
Slalom Board for the first time in the morning
I'm riding and I'm going to have a good time with my seconds

I'm really looking forward to the next tun participation.

This is called slalom addict
Online competition

Because the official competition can't be done in corona
I've started.

With Slalom mates
We all keep connected,
To keep doing it

I agree with this purpose
To all of you who participated
Thank you very much!

Connect with people more than results.

Top Rider in Japan
Veteran Sly Roman
The only thing that continued the competition in the center
I think it's a big accomplishment.

The fever doesn't get cold.
While niconico
Laugh and skip the yaka
I laugh again.

Have a great time
I was able to spend it.

After next year, watching the timing
I want to hold it

Even in issa
A blast in Japan
Very attention.
One experience of each venue compared to other countries
I feel that it's strong.

This is moving mainly in the swamp
From the slalom scene in Japan
And it's obvious

There is also a world competition in Japan!

Anyone can challenge
I can play safe and safe

The Threshold of the competition is also very low
Started this year! The one who is the one who
Enter a lot this time
I'm giving it to you!

This season is over
I think I'll do it again next year in various places

Yow is fun but fun
I'm going to go to the middle of the day,
Please go!


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