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Howard Gordon
1953-2010 (RIP)
1953-2010 (RIP)
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Post by Howard Gordon » Wed Jul 30, 2003 5:13 am

The decks have started shipping this week, and completes will first be available next week.
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Decks in soft, medium, stiff and extra-stiff flex are available with a suggested retail of $145, and completes with Avalons, Abec 7's priced at $199 with Trackers (129mm RT-X/RT-S). Add $10 for Avilas. Once the 130mm metal Seismics arrive, we'll do a complete with those as well.

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Brian Parsons
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Post by Brian Parsons » Tue Aug 05, 2003 11:35 pm

I was given the opportunity to try out one of these boards this past weekend at the Farm race in NY. The fit and finish of these boards are great, very high quality professional construction. The board I rode in the GS race at the Farm was an extra stiff flex.

I am not sure if this will make sense to anyone, I am not schooled on the science of what make a board work. But the rolled top on the board seemed to focus the weight of the rider directly over the trucks preventing the board from absorbing any energy needed for pumping and traction. The rolled top allows for a better feel on the top of the deck, which allows you to easily adjust your foot placement and lock in on the pressure point or the sweet spot of the board.

Some of the guys who only looked at the board thought that the rolled top would restrict the edge-to-edge control and performance. But everyone who rode the board thought the board was extremely responsive and better edge to edge than many shorter wheel-based boards. I would have used this board on most of the hybrid and all of the GS courses I have raced on this year.

I finished 6th in the GS on this board. Considering the competition at this years Farm, that was a very good finish for me? Probably one of my better finishes ever. No doubt someone will put this board on the podium this year.

Terry Kirby
Team RoeRacing
Team RoeRacing
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Post by Terry Kirby » Tue Aug 05, 2003 11:48 pm

1)JG 16.324
2)Noah 16.404
3)TK 16.461
4)Nature Boy 16.527
5)Michael Dong 16.544
6)Brian Parsons 16.788
7)Bobby Mandarino 17.011
Keith Hollien 17.150
9)66 17.166
10) McCree 17.482

Brian, your GS run was sick... Fast Company, look for yourselves.

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