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David Morris
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Emerging Virginia Beach /Southeast Va. Slalom Scene & Ra

Post by David Morris » Tue Aug 07, 2007 7:42 am

I was looking at the VB locals forum on the Silverfish Longboarding website and the guys on there are talking about getting together to run some cones this coming Sunday the 12th.

I am going to email some of the guys tomorrow about this to see if its a definite go and get an estimate of how many guys will be there.

If its a go for running cones perhaps some of the DC Outlaw crew might want to take a little drive down south to show the boys how its done. Like I mentioned to some of the DC crew at this past Sunday's race that the slalom community here is an emerging one but those guys got together and put together a race which was held on a Wednesday morning just recently and they had 25 guys show up to race which in my opinion is pretty freaking impressive for a first time race.

Regardless if they do decide to race on Sunday down here I will definitely attend and I will drag Aaron out and brush the cobwebs and dust off of him.

Where these guys are racing is a place in Chesapeake Virginia heading towards the Outer Banks and its a road overpass thats not in use. They have some You tube video and I will add a few so you can get an idea of where they are riding. The video only show some guys sliding around on longboards , I read where on the forum that they accidentally erased the video of the slalom footage.

Indian Creek Outlaw Jam:


I will post more later.

John Schmitz
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Post by John Schmitz » Thu Aug 09, 2007 4:31 am

Hi all. Just signed up. This looks like a great forum. Learning a lot just reading all the info here.

I helped get together the Indian Creek Outlaw Jam that Dave mentioned. He made it sound a bit more impressive than it actually was regarding the slalom. True, 20+ skaters showed up, but only 10 competed in the slalom event (dual-lane elimination), and only 4 of us had anything close to a true slalom rig(this old boy came in 3rd on my Roe Hester). The rest of the skaters had longboards and were more into the sliding, bombing and carving. But, we ran two lanes of about 45 cones each, at 7' apart, and on the nice little hill we used it made for a very quick challenge. We ran without timers and used very loose rules that we agreed to on the spot. I, for one, really enjoyed it and look forward to getting into it a lot more and hitting some of these great races I've been hearing about.

A few of us are looking to run cones out there on the 12th, and we'd certainly welcome anyone who'd like to come out and join us, especially some experienced folks who might impart some of their accumulated wisdom to we novice racers who brave this flatland backwater of the slalom world(but, thanks to Aaron and Dave at least we're on the map) :).

Just GoogleMap: "walston lane, chesapeake, va" for location. We'll hit it about 10-11am. We should have at least 70 cones, more always welcome. And I'd love to try racing with timers, if anyone would like to bring some gear out. It's supposed to be cooler on Sunday than it has been this week, but bringing something for shade and plenty of water is a good idea.

I'm especially looking forward to skating with Davmo again after 20+ years. and congrats on topping the B bracket at the MD Outlaw. Old guys rule! :)

Dan Mitchell
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Post by Dan Mitchell » Fri Aug 10, 2007 1:42 am

If I can get the day off on the 13th, I'll make the drive. But I'll need a place to crash on the 11th. Sofa or floor w/pillow is fine. Just don't mind my snoring if i have some beers (which is pretty much guaranteed ;) )

If any DC guys want to ride along, no problem. I will be smoking in my truck though.

I have 50 cones and about a half dozen slalom setups that people are welcome to try.

Also, I could probably get Brians timer.

This is assuming that I have nothing going on this weekend. Tammy's not home and she's our social scheduler!

I'll post again tomorrow.
Dan Mitchell, aka PA Dan

David Morris
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PA Dan

Post by David Morris » Sat Aug 11, 2007 2:13 am

Hey Dan,

Come on down and lets do some slalom at this Indian Creek place. If you need a place to stay I can offer up my "mother-in-law" suite apartment. the only thing I ask is its a non smoking apartment. right now we don't have anyone renting it so its available.

It has a queen size bed, private bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, TV w/cable. You are more than welcome to stay here. Normally I have a couple of single beds in the spare bedroom in the suite but I took them down because our last tenant used that room as an office. So If any other DC Outlaws want to come down they can stay in the suite too but they might need to bring sleeping bags etc to throw down. I could if I have enough time tonight put the single beds together but if so i had better get on it now because its now 8:30 pr and I have to work at the FD tomorrow.

So Dan, give me an email so I can provide you with my phone number, directions, etc. Like I said I will be at work tomorrow so if you decide to come down I can make sure that my wife will be home to provide you with a key so you can get to the upstairs apt.

Talk some of the Outlaws into coming down!

Email me asap so we can work out the logistics.

Dave Morris

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